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Airy, Picturesque, Blissful: Award Winning Zonzo Estate Weddings

Wine, wine, everywhere and tons of it to drink! At least that’s what it will feel like when you make your way through this perfectly picturesque region that’s brimming with life, love, and some of the finest estates for a wedding — including Zonzo Estate in Yarra Valley. When it comes to looking for somewhere absolutely gorgeous for your special day, I can’t recommend this place enough. 

Why Are Zonzo Estate Weddings So Great? 

What makes them so special? When it comes to Zonzo weddings there are about a million reasons to love this place (though my bias as a photographer lies in the amazing possibilities of Zonzo Estate wedding photos, but I digress). 

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of all things great about Zonzo Estate!!

Let’s face it, there are plenty of places to get married. It’s one of the reasons it can make finding the right location so hard because there are so many options. What makes Zonzo Estate weddings so special is the freedom the venue gives you! 

With luscious landscaping, gorgeous indoor and outdoor reception areas, and tons of acres to wander and roam (which as a Zonzo Estate wedding photographer, I can attest is a fantastic thing for picture taking) it’s almost impossible to find something wrong about this place. Vineyards sprawl as far as the eye can see over rolling green lawns and the sunsets seemingly last for a lifetime. 

Plus, since Zonzo Estate is a winery-turned-venue space, there’s no shortage of libations available to you and yours on your special day — and though there is tons of ground to wander, the estate itself is catered to smaller, more intimate wedding parties. Ones where you and your guests can take advantage of the fantastic accommodations the Zonzo wedding package provides, and can feel completely catered to. It’s an ideal scenario for a dream day or weekend! 

Zonzo Estate Wedding Cost 

You’re probably thinking “Okay Ashleigh, this all sounds amazing — so how much is this going to hurt my wallet?” And I get that. It feels like weddings get more and more expensive as the years go by, and the cost is always something to prepare yourself for. 

Zonzo Estate offers a variety of wedding packages and each one can be catered to your specific budget. You can go as small as 20 guests with the Piccolo Package to 140 guests with the Estate Package, and somewhere in between, there’s the Stable Package. All of which are easy to work around your budget and all of which offer a wide range of accommodations to make sure that you and your guests are your most comfortable!

Hopefully by now I’ve answered all the questions as to why the Zonzo Estate weddings are a literal DREAM. The only question now is who your photographer is going to be. Luckily, I have the answer for that too! It’s me. Reach out so we can get the planning started!