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When you're daydreaming about your wedding, picture all those juicy moments that'll have you feeling ALL the emotions. You know, those real tear jerker moments.

My game plan for each wedding is to create a visual story that's both hella beautiful and totally authentic. A "super elegant" but "chill AF" hybrid photography style.

I'm talkin' everything from those nervous giggles in the AM to the confetti in your mouth as you strut down that aisle. And those back tickles during speeches? Consider 'em documented unobtrusively.

You are always invited to be your complete, genuine self here.

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My photography is all about that natural light, with colours that are true to tone, the way you planned it to look. A chill, yet boujee feel.

I'm not just here to snap some pics, I focus on understanding your wedding day vision, and help you bring it to life with images that scream YOU.

Whether you're into those classic posed pics, or prefer those intimate, candid moments, I got you. Let's create a collection of memories that will have you feeling all the feels every time you look at them.

With me, you'll relive all the love, beauty and pure bliss of your big day through photos that are totally elegant, relaxed, and scream YOU as a couple. That's the kind of vibe I'm all about.

So, if you're ready to have your wedding photos slayin' the game, let's talk.

Hit me up and let's make some magic happen.

I'm ash

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Let's shake off the uptight constipated posey vibes you've seen all over the internet, and have some fun with it!

Wedded Wondeland

Ash navigated so many humans with her ability to command a space/group with such care and some cheeky comedy.

"THE WAY ash CAPTURED OUR love and our people WAS UNREAL."

She is so professional but also the most goofiest person ever which will make you feel so comfortable.

"She is so professional but also the most goofiest person ever which will make you feel so comfortable."

It was always a no-brainer for her to capture our special day. Ash's down-to-earth approach had us having a blast in front of the camera while knowing that she was capturing our day in the most authentic way possible. Our fur-babies loved her (the guests were also singing her praises).

"We chose the date of our wedding around Ash's availability."

Ash was so fun, so easy to work with, and most importantly crafted the most INSANELY BEAUTIFUL photos for us!! We cannot recommend her enough - she was a huge part of our joy on the day.

"Ash was  was absolutely one of our biggest would-do-agains!!"

For you, your loved ones and friends to feel comfortable with me and my camera. After all, I’m a stone cold wizard at candid wedding photography. At least that’s what my dogs tell me, though they could probably shoot a bitchin’ sunset with their eyes closed.

I want to leap
into the messy, perfectly unco action.

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