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Ash Haase | Melbourne and Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer

wedding photography

That loved up
wedding photography that your friends *FROTH over.

based in melbourne

travelling worldwide




based in melbourne

travelling worldwide

wedding photography





new BFF

(who also happens to be an award-winning wedding photographer)

When you hire me, you don’t just get a photographer...


You get a Dancefloor-tearin’,



We haven’t met yet, but I volunteer as tribute to be the next best thing that graced your very existence. With documentary-style photography and a whole lot of TLC, you better believe I’ll be there to capture every toast, tear, giggle, snort and drunken dance floor lunacy.

Organic, authentic moments. Ones that’ll become lifelong memories, immortalising the start to your beautiful, little legacy together.

about me

I'm here for a good time, not a long time - so let's shake off the uptight constipated posey vibes you've seen all over the internet, and have some fun with it!

I'll be sure to reference many a meme, bust out the newest TikTok dance hit and belt out Dancing Queen on the d-floor with you.

hey, I'm ash!

Butletr's lane, richmond

half acre, melbourne

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recent weddings

For you, your loved ones and friends to feel comfortable with me and my camera. After all, I’m a stone cold wizard at candid wedding photography. At least that’s what my dogs tell me, though they could probably shoot a bitchin’ sunset with their eyes closed.

I want to leap headfirst into the messy, perfectly unco action.

ready to become BFF's? lmk 

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