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How to Nail Your Wedding Photos | Ashleigh Haase

How to Nail Your Wedding Photos

My favourite tips for gorgeous, stress-free wedding portraits

As a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, I’ve literally captured hundreds and hundreds of beautiful weddings over the years. From stunning wineries to rustic barnyard shoots and chic city weddings, my trusty brain and camera-wielding hands know how to make the most of each setting.

And I know that most of you probably aren’t used to being in front of a camera for an entire day, which is why I promise to make it as non-awks as possible. Just think of me as your BFF chilling out with you, we’ll share stupid jokes and have silly banter. I’ll even bring my beat box so we can pump your favourite beats. By the end of the day, you’ll be asking when we can hang out next (LOL, jks, but not really). BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

Now, let’s chat about how we can smash your family, bridal and sunset portraits.

There’s no question that your wedding day is going to big and looong. Between getting ready in the early hours to congratulatory XOs and shredding the d-floor, the day’s going to fly by in a flash. Which is why it’s SO important that we make the most of your wedding photos – these portraits will transform into forever memories, allowing you to relive your epic day all over again.

Cherished and shared with future generations, I want you to feel 100% confident about your portraits and knowing what to expect.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

Family Portrait Tips

Whether your family is tiny or huge, these are the people that have been by your side, cheering you on through the years. You’ll want to make sure that no one gets missed!

  • Create a list – A month ahead of your wedding day, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out that details which family members you want in these photos. From entire family group shots to photos with your parents, I’ll create a list of all possible group shots for you to approve. This means that we’ll have a checklist that covers all your important family members, making the session as quick and stress-free as possible.
  • Capturing the little ones – Kids can do some whack stuff at weddings. From exorcist-style tantrums to psychotic sugar highs, they’re little cyclones of energy and emotions. So, I prefer to capture the little ones in their element, naturally and organically. There’s a high chance that they’re not going to want to pose for long, if at all – I’d recommend for you or a family member to bring a special toy or something that’ll keep their attention during the posed photos.

Bridal Portrait Tips

We’ll allocate roughly 30 minutes for us to have fun with your crew – I typically do a few big group shots, then each respective side of the wedding party, followed by a session with just the two of you.

  • Location/ weather – Let’s go on a little adventure! Whether it’s going for a walk through the fields, climbing hills or strolling by the water, have a think about how we will get to the different locations. Depending on the weather, you’ll want to be prepared for all the elements. If it’s going to be windy, cold and/or rainy, be sure to pack jackets or throws to keep you warm and I’ll bring along some cute clear umbrellas to keep your makeup and hair intact.
  • Get comfortable – Choose outfits that you can be comfortable and relaxed in, without worrying about messing up your train or tight pants that are prone to ass-ripping action. You can always bring along a spare change of clothes if you want a bit of variety in your shots! Don’t forget to bring comfy shoes if we’ll be walking a fair bit and have water bottles to keep you refreshed in between shots.
  • Just the two of you – Get close and lovey-dovey it up on each other. Laugh, hold hands, whisper cheeky sweet nothings, make out and just forget the world. Be natural and have fun, it’s just us and no one’s judging! The more comfortable and relaxed you are, the better your photos will be.

Sunset Portrait Tips

Loving those Pinterest shots? Sunset portraits are literally the BEST ten minutes of portraits you’ll get on your wedding day. Trust me, the romantic lighting makes it SO worth it.

  • 10 minutes during your reception – Between toasts and speeches, we’ll sneak out for 10 minutes around sunset time during your reception. Just the two of you basking in the glow of sunset, you’re going to love having a bit of time to yourselves while I snap away.
  • Overcast, no worries – Overcast and/or rainy days can still end up creating a beautiful sunset. Even if the sun isn’t peeking out, we can still duck out for some extra portraits and mix it up! From dancing in the rain to cuddling up under an umbrella, drops of rain can still create a magical setting. Letting Mother Nature do her thing, we’ll make it work!

Tips aside, just try to go with the flow and enjoy all the special moments of your day. Weddings don’t always go perfectly or as planned, and that’s what makes the day so unforgettable and uniquely you! Don’t sweat the small stuff and just remember that your wedding day is about the two of you celebrating your love.