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Vendor Feature: Melbourne Celebrant Danielle

Recently I sat down with my beautiful industry bestie Danielle, and asked her the tough question on the importance of a celebrant. She’s been marrying couples for almost a decade, and with almost 550 weddings under her belt, my biased opinion, but I think she knows a thing or two about weddings. Being hesitant to throw her hat into the ‘just-another-celebrant-writing-another-blog’ ring, I may or may not have encouraged (pushed) her to take the plunge and share her insight. It was so intriguing to hear what she had to say.

“Now if you’re reading this, you’re probably either getting married or you might just like wedding blogs (no judgement here). Either way, woohoo! So let’s talk wedding ceremonies, more specifically celebrants, you know, the people who make your lovefest official! A celebrant, sorry, GREAT celebrant, does much more than just rock up on the big day for 30 minutes and ensure all the legals are covered though. Your ceremony can and SHOULD be the best part of your wedding day and a knock-your-socks-off celebrant will invest a lot of time and energy, AKA their heart and soul into crafting and delivering a ceremony that will leave the couple and their guests on a high, one that sparks smile-worthy memories well after everyone has ripped up that dancefloor at your reception!”

As a celebrant, Danielle says “I’m beyond grateful to work (a term used loosely as it never feels like work) with couples who prioritise their ceremony and truly value what I do. So when the celebrant-couple chats begin, it’s exciting! Ideas are thrown around left right and centre. I share all the tips I’ve learnt over the years and I make it my mission to dig deep to gain a real insight into how they tick, so when it’s time to put pen to paper (so to speak), the twists and turns of their ceremony are uniquely theirs! Details count and I want nothing more than to unravel a couple’s vision – even when they have no idea what that actually is – then make that come to life.”

We tried to stay clear of the whole, ‘how much should a celebrant cost?’ topic, but I couldn’t help myself. Danielle says, ”When it comes to celebrants, don’t look at price alone (please!). There is so much more to what celebrants do than a number. A number that will surely be forgotten much sooner than the impact a below par celebrant leaves behind. ”

“Remember, all the “oooos,” “awwwws” and “aahhhhs,” the overwhelmingly happy tears and the LOLs are created by your celebrant. They’re important. Those memories and emotions last, and not just because you’ve chosen a kick-ass photographer and videographer! It’s simple, if you value your ceremony experience, choose a celebrant who gets you. A celebrant who’s got your back and is committed to taking you and your guests on a fabulous ceremony ride that’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.”

So here’s Danielle’s promise to you – Danielle raises right hand – “I vow to care from start to finish and to be JUST as excited about your ceremony, if not more, than you. I’ll be your very own wedding cheerleader (without the pom poms) because you deserve nothing less. So if that’s the kind of passion and support you couldn’t imagine missing out on in your celebrant, hit me up!”

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