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Social Media Archives - Melbourne Wedding Photographer | Ashleigh Haase



Dan and Jay wed at my local, Zonzo Estate Winery in Autumn this year. Surrounded by their absolute favourite humans, these two celebrated their love together and partied like no tomorrow.

After three years and many postponements, Eliza and Shannon were officially wed at Rupert on Rupert in Collingwood.

Stones of the yarra valley Wedding Photography

A relationship that started out as long distance until covid-19 forced them to make a decision to move in together just before borders were closed. An elegant and intimate wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley.

When rain is scheduled minutes before your ceremony is supposed to start, don’t let it dampen your day. Especially if you can wait 20 minutes for the rain to clear!

A modern Melbourne city rooftop elopement. Fun couple with black and white styling combined with vintage Valiant and retro wedding cake.


How to level up your Instagram bio as a photographer

Ok so, you’ve got a winning Instagram. You’ve figured out your style and when you want to post, and you’ve even started using hashtags.  Babes, you’re on a roll!  But something is missing. Your bio is seriously lacking and needs some TLC.  Well, look no further. These are my top tips on how to level […]

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Meet your photographer


Wildly in love? Obsessed with dogs? I’m happy-dancing because we’re going to be the next best thing, a killer trio. 

Don’t you worry, being the keen bean that I am, I’ll commit 100000% to making your wedding the most joyous, beautiful and hilarious experience possible. That’s my promise to you.

If you’re feelin’ it as much as I am and ready to say ‘I do’ to my camera magic, chat me up! I can’t wait to talk sh*t over Zoom (because, you know, 2020…ammiright?!).



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