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How to level up your Instagram bio as a photographer

How to level up your Instagram bio as a photographer

Ok so, you’ve got a winning Instagram. You’ve figured out your style and when you want to post, and you’ve even started using hashtags. 

Babes, you’re on a roll! 

But something is missing. Your bio is seriously lacking and needs some TLC. 

Well, look no further. These are my top tips on how to level up your Instagram bio as a photographer and why you should. 

But why should I care?  

Well, it’s 2022, and if you’re a photographer, either just starting out or with an already existing following, your business Instagram is a place to showcase your beautiful work. And even more crucial, your bio is a quick and easy way to communicate with your audience. 

We’re forever scrolling, so capturing your intended client within a matter of seconds is what you’re bio is designed to do. 

Start with a call to action and username 

If all else fails, your bio should have a call to action and a username that includes your business name. 

Call to action 

This is by far the most influential feature. What do you want someone to do when they’ve found your page? Do you want them to book a consult with you? Or maybe you’ve got some groovy presets your selling? 

Whatever it is, it should be in your bio, and it should be clear. It’s a snapshot of who you are and what you do. 


Long gone are the days of usernames like ‘princess123’ or ‘fluffypanda87’. Those usernames belong in the 2000s and need to stay there for good. 

This is the only searchable part of your bio. So it should include your name or business name, location, and job title. 

Ok, I’m an A+ plus student, and I already have both. So what else should I do? 

Wow, ok, proud and impressed. If you’ve got both of these already and your bio is still lacking. It should be able to answer these three questions. 

What do you post about? 

Whilst Instagram is about showing people what you do with stunning content. You also need to tell your ideal client what you post about. Like a free guide on how to optimise your Instagram

Why do you post? 

See that first line, ‘Melbourne Wedding Photographer Photography Coach and Mentor’ Those are the two reasons why I post. Within seconds of clicking on my profile and without having to look at my content, people know the reason why I post. 

Why should they care? 

Give your ideal followers a reason to stick around. It could be your unbelievable content, or your highlights are full of freebies to help up-and-coming photographers with reel ideas

Whatever your ‘why’ is, find it and stick with it. 

Having all these answers to these three questions in your bio, your ideal followers will be able to decide much more effortlessly and quickly that you’re the one they should be following.

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