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*NOTE: DUE TO THE DIGITAL NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Reproduction and/or redistribution of this product in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited. 🌟if you encounter any problems or spot something I may have missed, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so I can continue to fine-tune the products for you. Thank you!

With these one click presets, you'll be able to transform your editing game in to bold and warm textures. Serving as a perfect base for all of those adjustments you love in post production!

Once the pack is purchased I'll send some creamy presets to your inbox so you can get started on making magic happen right away!

What's included?
The Preset Pack (2x colour base, 2x black and white)
Download instructions for Lightroom

*Compatible on the newer Lightroom and Classic, Lightroom CC. Desktop only. Please note, end result will vary depending on settings and camera body and lens combinations. As well as lighting conditions. 

Created for you

Made with Intention

Sick of having a stack of presets that NEVER work? Tired of not knowing how to create clean, crisp and warm tones for your images? These preset will solve those worries!

Before and After

using my 'dreamy' preset

In the pack


See What They’re Saying

Investing in your email templates helped me add value and personalise my communications with inquiries. They are simple and easy to use, yet full of powerful information to streamline and nail my emaills!

Hiedi Odd

Whether you are a pro wedding photographer or just starting out, there is something in there for everyone. I know these guides will be a valuable resource that. I'll refer back to often!

Kelly Williams

I have always felt so lost when booking weddings, what to write, how to write it, what to do next, etc! Investing in your workflow resource bundle has given me a clear vision on how to run my business professionally, whilst continuing to show exactly who I am!

Emma Kendell

Such amazing resources for wedding photographers that tackles everything you could possibly want! These read like you are talking to Ash in person, and are full of personality and advice that can be implemented. straight away! You would be crazy not to invest in these!

Zoe Louise

The base preset




See What They’re Saying

This is way better than any blogs or pdf guides I have bought in the past. This guide has everything I didn't know I needed and I feel so much more secure in my processes and business now.


Bundle &


Are you ready to master

How to feel completely comfortable when writing emails, how to send the ‘hard’ replies and how to ultimately be left with plenty of time in your day to focus on new and exciting projects for your business!

Client Communication

How to seamlessly implement questionnaires into your workflow, ‘wow-ing’ your couples post-wedding with exciting sneak peaks, and how to ask for reviews in a tactful and positive tone.

A Clean Workflow

How to manage expectations and educate couples on your process between now and the wedding day, as well as setting expectations so everything runs as smooth as silk.

Exceed Expectations




If you find yourself struggling with booking your ideals clients, are sick of getting ghosted, overwhelmed with client communications and organisation in your business, these resources are for you!

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