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My Top 9 Tips for an Epic Wedding Day | Ashleigh Haase

My Top 9 Tips for an Epic Wedding Day | Ashleigh Haase

My Top Tips for Your Epic Wedding Day

Besides getting messy on the d-floor, here’s my best advice for making the most of your day

Whether you’ve been scrapbooking your picture-perfect wedding day since a tender age or just can’t bloody wait to get married to your best mate, I’m here to make sure you have the most EPIC wedding day ever. While you strut your stuff looking heart-meltingly amazing and soaking up the gooey-eyed bliss, I’ll be your wedding photographer aka BFF, transforming all those incredible moments into lifelong memories. 

So, besides having tissues handy to wipe away mascara-streaked tears and going crazy on the d-floor with your favourite peeps, I’ve collated my favourite tips and advice for an unforgettable wedding day. 

9 wedding day tips – Let’s go!

1. Your Day, Your Rules

Seriously, I can’t stress this one enough. Your wedding day will be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that marks you and your partner being crazy in love with each other. No matter what anyone else says or thinks, it’s truly a day where you can forgo traditions and make your own rules. It’s YOUR day.

That means, if you want to plan a first look and walk down the aisle together, do it. If you don’t want to have a first dance because the thought of a cliched slow dance irks you, don’t do it. If you want to have an insane donut tower instead of a token wedding cake, go for it.

At the end of the day, people are there to celebrate you. They’ll go home and continue with their lives, while you’ll be the ones reliving the memories – so, plan a wedding day that reflects your relationship and all the things you love.

2. BYO Energy & Blissful Vibes

I know that planning a wedding can be stressful and a total ball-breaker at times. From budget constraints to debating over the guestlist, it can get pretty overwhelming. But when the big day arrives, you’ll want to make sure that all that pre-planning stress is left behind and just BYO positive energy. 

The night before the wedding, light some candles, play your favourite tunes and have a bubble bath – or catch up on your favourite Netflix show, just do whatever it is that relaxes you and puts you in a good mood. Once you’re feeling mellow, try your best to get a good night’s sleep in because tomorrow’s going to be a massive one. 

Feeling refreshed and recharged for the day ahead, be sure to surround yourself with blissful vibes while you’re getting ready. Whether that’s having a few champers with your girls or enjoying a quiet brekky with mum and dad, focus on being present. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let the day unfold naturally. 

3. Weather-Proof Your Mood

One of the things that my couples stress about most is the weather on the day. But reality is, you can’t control the weather (thanks, Melbourne), but you CAN still have an amazing day and photos – rain, hail or shine!

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, you’ll want to make sure you have a contingency plan if it starts bucketing down with rain. While it mightn’t be your original vision, be sure to chat to your venue organisers about back-up options. Is there an indoor spot you can move your wedding into? Are there marquees available for emergency set up? Knowing that your wedding can carry on without being hindered by weather surprises is key to feeling calm on the day. 

When it comes to our photoshoot, rest easy that we’ll make it work! If it’s going to be boiling, make sure you have heaps of water on hand to keep you and your squad hydrated. You’ll also want to consider sweat, water and tear-proof makeup so you can avoid constant touch ups. Bring wet wipes and a mini handheld fan for cooling down between shots. 

If it’s a rainy day, bring along a pair of gumboots, a spare change of clothes and towels – shots of you and your lover stomping through puddles in gumboots would look soooo cute! Cosy throws are great for draping around your shoulders, keeping you nice and toasty. I’ll also have adorable, clear umbrellas for you to use, keeping your hair and makeup as intact as possible. 

4. Put Someone Else in Charge

On the day, you’re going to be busy being the star of the show, juggling kisses hello and congratulatory hugs. From walking down the aisle to wedding speeches, you’ll want to stay as relaxed as possible. That means you won’t want to be the one checking that everything’s going to plan as per the runsheet or fussing over seating arrangement mishaps.

Allowing you to enjoy every moment of your day, I’d highly recommend that you put someone else in charge. Whether it’s your mum, sis-in-law or best friend, choose someone who has great organisational skills that you can trust. Ticking off your to-do list and double-checking your runsheet, having someone else responsible for the day’s key events will give you peace of mind.

5. Plan Your Timings Generously

Wedding days don’t always go as planned – and that’s totally fine! Don’t stress about it. But one thing you can do to ensure your day flows as smoothly as possible is to plan your runsheet timings generously.

Whether it’s leaving your hair stylist and makeup artist extra time to get all the girls prepped, extra time for the bridal and couple’s shoot or extra time for wedding speeches, allocating extra time during each part of the day means that if anything runs over, you’ll still have to spare. This is extra important for the ceremony and reception, just so you’re not flustered and running around like a headless chook!

Please grace me with at least 15-30 minutes for your sunset photos if you want a gorgeous, sun-filled backdrop. The more time you allocate for our shoot, the more variety and settings we’ll have.

6. Eat, Hydrate & Repeat

As the bride and groom, everyone’s going to be focusing on you. From “OMG you look amazing” well wishes to mini catch-up seshs, you’ll both be busy hosting and celebrating. Often times, you’ll barely get a chance to sit down and have a proper bite to eat.

Keeping you energised, it’s so important that you take the time to enjoy the beautiful food you’ve organised and quench your thirst. Make sure that you’re taking little breaks between all the XOs to refuel. After all, no one likes being hangry – and you’ve still got a d-floor to tear up with your best mates!

7. Forget the Phone

I know we live in an age where our phones might as well be a fifth limb, but I’d highly recommend leaving your phone with your bridal party or in your bag. As tempted as you might be to steal a few snaps or check your socials, every second spent on your phone is a second lost. BE IN THE MOMENT.

As your photographer, know that it’s my job to capture all the special moments of your day. Trust me, I won’t let anything slip past my trusty camera! And while we’re on the phone-less note, you should also consider having an unplugged ceremony. Without their phones and massive iPads, your guests will also be encouraged to be in the present with you, rather than being distracted and taking blurry photos.

8. Sneak Out Just the Two of You

You’ll be surrounded by your closest family and friends for the whole day. Between sniffles and dance-offs, everyone is going to want a piece of you. But again, with your wedding day being a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for you and your soon-to-be, you’re going to want to indulge in some private moments.

In between all the main parts of the day, sneak off together for a quick check in, kiss and chat. Go for a little wander, hold hands and talk about the day’s highlights so far. Let everything sink in and remember what your wedding day is really about – just the two of you.

9. Set Aside Extra Food

From posing for photos to mingling with your guests, chances are you’ll only have time to sneak a few quick bites and will be positively ravenous by the end of the night. Sure, you can make a maccas pit stop on your way home, but why not ask your caterer to put together a to-go box of food?

Setting aside delicious goodies from the day, you and your new partner-in-crime can relive the day all over again while enjoying the food you’ve paid for. Not to mention a few slices of that killer wedding cake! It’ll be the sweetest way to seal off your epic wedding day.