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Mornington Peninsula Elopement

Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

Harry and Kate were due to be married in April of this year in NZ, but unfortunately Covid came along and ruined those plans. They had rescheduled for next year, but Harry is English and they’re both Melbourne based, so getting back to NZ didn’t seem likely anytime soon!

They made the decision to elope in Melbourne as what they really wanted is to just get married, and celebrate with their families at a later date. They’ve been engaged since September 2018.

Both super relaxed, they had their ceremony on St Andrews Beach (where they got engaged) in their original dress and tux, with some pretty flowers and champagne (and their little cavoodle puppy Ned too!), with family and friends watching on through zoom. Just before the couple arrived, an elderly couple sat down for a picnic at the beach, right near where the ceremony was held. They sat and watched the waves, and watched on as Kate and Harry wed. Post ceremony they strolled over and wished the newlyweds a long and happy life together after they celebrated their 60 years together!

Before heading back to their air bnb for a private chef cooked meal, the couple and their four guests shared champagne on the beach. At the reception, one of their beautiful friends whipped out his guitar to sing them a song, and his guitar wasn’t in tune. They had lots of laughs about that.

We then snuck out for sunset photos at a remote clifftop in Rye.