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Australian Elegance & Creativity: Your Hubert Estate Wedding 

Everyone wants something new, unique, and special for their moment. And you should! You’re special and so is your love, and why wouldn’t you want to celebrate it in as iconic a fashion as you can? This is why a Hubert Estate wedding is an elegant, sophisticated option nestled within the Yarra Valley and will fit ALL your needs!

An Incredible Winery Wedding Venue In Yarra Valley

Hubert Estate offers a ridiculous amount of room — and rooms — to play with when it comes to planning your special day. Imagine a venue overflowing with visual awesomeness that your photos are so unbelievable, haters will say it’s photoshopped. That’s what a wedding here provides. 

Hubert Estate wedding photos alone are enough of a reason for me to sing the praises of this fantastic winery slash art gallery slash restaurant slash outdoor wonderland

It’s so much more than the photos though — so much more! The Hubert Estate wedding venue seems to expand forever. Sprawling, rolling hills of green grass surround the vineyards that provide the top-tier wine produced on site. 

That isn’t the only thing Hubert Estate offers when it comes to you, yours and this monumental moment in your life… 

Hubert Estate In Yarra Valley: All It Has To Offer 

With world class chefs on site, an in-house art gallery, and a wine cellar door that looks as if it was built by an alien life form (a favourite spot of this Hubert Estate wedding photographer), the accommodations here are endless. 

The huge outdoor event area and the gorgeous indoor space full of windows and striking white walls offer plenty of options for you to curate the look of your wedding. With a variety of package options available, you can make your wedding party as intimate or as large as you want. 

When you combine all of that with a world-class staff that makes it their day’s work to ensure that everything runs as smoothly, beautifully, and deliciously (seriously, the food here is amazing) as possible — the reasons to choose a Hubert Estate wedding are practically endless. 

Now that we’ve talked about all the reasons why Hubert Estate is an ideal space for your big day, let’s talk about all the reasons why I’m your ideal Hubert Estate wedding photographer! Reach out so we can get this party started!