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Getting Married During Covid 19

First things first, I want to extend a gigantic virtual hug to you during this current pandemic. I hope you are well and keeping safe during such a crazy time. The support we have for each other and helping one another out where we can is indescribable.

Over a course of roughly one week, couples around Australia were left uncertain of if their wedding was able to go ahead, being led to consider their weddings plans and cancel/postpone due to COVID-19. By Tuesday 24th March weddings were only to continue with a maximum of five people in attendance. Yep, five. That meant the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses. 

Currently only small elopement-style weddings can take place, with bigger celebrations to be postponed to a later date. If you’re sitting at home wishing your wedding could go ahead, you’ve come to the right place. I am all for this style of wedding. Good news is it can still go ahead, albeit may look slightly different to your original vision, but you can still plan a day to remember, in an intimate, romantic setting and marry your bestie.

My biggest tip for battling the pandemic sh*t-storm is to consider making things legal on paper and postpone the party (or the whole day for that matter) to a future date without any hassle of COVID-19 lingering around. Better yet, you can live stream your elopement via video to a specific group of friends and family so they can still share in this incredible moment with you. This means you can still update your name on Facebook, get a fancy ring, AND celebrate with all your family and friends in person, at a later date. That means TWO anniversaries (not good if you are bad at remembering them though, sorry!).

Take Emily and Marco for example. Amidst all the chaos, love conquered all. Emily and Marco tied the knot in front of Emily’s mum, myself and their live stream guests. It most certainly isn’t easy not having the original wedding you dreamed of, but Emily and Marco allowed it to bring them closer together. They knew they could always party later, so they brought their marriage forward with Love Leah Celebrant at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne. 

By eloping, they had a day full of WINS in my eyes.

WIN #1 – They got ready together with their fur babies (wasn’t possible with their original plans)

WIN #2 – A private first dance at sunset on a rooftop (and me being a creep with a camera)

WIN #3 – there were no timing constraints

WIN #4 – the weather was P E R F E C T

Love isn’t lost guys, just postponed.