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European Country Charm: Churchill Wedding Venue

Country charm, elegance, and Gothic churches with old-world architecture may not seem like things that go together. But the absolutely gorgeous Churchill wedding venue in Taradale, Victoria proves that wrong! 

This place is luxurious. It’s rustic. It’s surrounded by nature. It’s close to Melbourne which is a perfect quick trip for a photo adventure – and as a Melbourne wedding photographer, I’m all for a day trip for fantastic candid photos! 

Churchill weddings are epic and perfect for any couple that is looking for a place that makes the impossible possible.

Your Dream Wedding At Churchill Events In Taradale, Victoria

Picture it. Your dream wedding. The way the light cascades through huge windows, casting a golden hour shimmer over everything it touches. You’re walking down the aisle of an absolutely stunning church with steeple ceilings that reach to the sky. As you look up to take it all in, you see insanely huge brass chandeliers, with lights guiding your way as each step you take gets you closer to your happy-ever-after. 

All of that, and more, is what you get when you get married at Churchill. 

Church & Timber Event Hall

The church was built in the mid 1800s and is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. It’s been restored and refined, with floor to ceiling carved stone and a choir loft made of highly polished wood that gives a bird’s eye view of your event. Spaced intermittently throughout are gorgeous, tall windows with kaleidoscopic stained glass. There’s no filter needed for Churchill wedding photos with this backdrop!

Sitting upon acres of luscious gardens, this whitewashed church and event space is the perfect spot to hold your ceremony or reception – it can be converted for both! If you’d rather host your party outdoors, you can hire a clear marquee (there’s other outdoor dining options as well). Everywhere on the grounds is filled with light during the day, and endless stars during the night!

As a Churchill wedding photographer, this backdrop is a vision and makes it easy to capture the perfect shot. They’re all pretty dang perfect, no matter what angle we choose. 

Getting Married At Churchill Wedding Venue

I don’t know that I could choose my favourite part about this venue so please don’t ask me to, but I can tell you that one of the best things about this place is how effortless it is to get married there! 

Churchill is an event venue created by Prunella. If you haven’t heard of Prunella, they are a botanical arrangement design team that make your event look like it was meant to be at the top of the FYP on TikTok. They’re the masterminds behind the Churchill wedding venue, among others. 

Having a team like Prunella involved with the planning of the big day is gold – from the kind of flowers to create the setting you’re hoping for to the best placement for the band, the dinner, and the big dance – they know how to do it all. 

So What Are We Waiting For?! 

I’m so excited to show you all the hidden gems about this place! Get in contact so we can start planning.