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How to choose the perfect profile photo for Instagram

My top tips to help you pick the perfect profile pic

So you’ve perfected your bio and are sitting there thinking. 

Hmm, what else can I do to up my gram? 

Look no further. I have some insider info to help you choose the perfect profile photo. 

Why is it important? 

Firstly let’s chat about why it’s important. 

When looking at an Instagram profile photo, it’s often one of the most overlooked items, and it absolutely shouldn’t be. 

Important info in dot points, incoming! 

  • A hero profile photo makes you memorable and, not to mention, professional (that’s always a win)
  • When you post, your followers will immediately start to visualise YOU talking 
  • A photo of you gives people a chance to connect with you 
  • If your photo is matched your personality, it’s another insight as to who you are/what you’re putting out 

Seriously, that tiny little circle can tell people who you are and what you do.

What not to do 

An excellent way to figure out what to do is to start with what not to do.

Let’s talk random photos. I’m a photographer. I get it. I love a random photo. Who doesn’t?

Especially if there’s a dog involved, then I’m all there.

But hear me out. Using a random photo as your profile photo doesn’t convey what field or niche you’re in.

And let’s not forget your profile photo should be relative to you and your business.

Another thing to avoid. While an eye-catching photo might look fabulous on a large scale or in your feed. It often loses its finesse when shrunk to a teeny tiny circle.

Don’t get me wrong, you want your profile photo to stand out, but it should also clearly show you and what you do.

Personal Vs. Professional brand 

This is a common mistake that I see all the time and one that’s really easy for people to fall into. 

There’s a big difference between your personal brand and a professional brand.

Your personal brand is all about you, so people want to see a photo of you to make the connection. 

Also, it’s important to note here. If your personal brand is much more luxe vibes and a brand logo suits you, then go for it. 

Professional companies like Vogue Magazine can get away with it because it’s a collective company. So for these guys, it makes sense to use their logo as the profile photo. 

Take @remijordanphotography, for example. She’s a personal brand, but her profile photo conveys this instantly. Any visitor or anyone who comes across her page could pick this up instantly. 

If it’s your personal brand, get in front of the camera and show your brand. You.

People connect with people 

People want to connect with real people.

So putting a face to your name and making it a hero profile photo means that your followers and potential clients can connect with you much more quickly. 

A hero profile photo is crucial in making yourself more memorable and professional. 

In closing, keep it simple. 

You’ve only got so much to work with, so make the most of that space. 

If you’re still stuck, use a well-lit headshot of yourself and even better if you’ve used presets to brighten it up a little. It should look friendly and conveys what your brand is about. 

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