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Butler Lane City Weddings In Richmond

Weddings are a whirlwind, from start to finish! From the engagement to the planning to walking down the aisle, there’s so much thought and care that goes into making your big day an experience you’ll never forget. Where you have your wedding is of course a huge part of the planning process – the perfect venue sets the tone for so many things, including the kind of epic photos you can get. 

I suppose as a Melbourne wedding photographer, I may be a bit biased in thinking that photos should factor in as a major part of your venue choice, but it’s true! When I think of what a dream venue looks like, I picture something contemporary, chic, with tonnes of natural light, luscious landscaping and just a hint of whimsy. Sounds amazing, right? Well, if that vibe is what you’re after, allow me to introduce you to Richmond’s Butler Lane wedding venue. 

Where Modern And Magical Meet: Butler Lane Richmond

Butler Lane weddings are truly something special! Located in the heart of Richmond, the space somehow creates a magically luscious garden setting in the middle of a polished, modern, industrial space. The combination makes the Butler Lane venue a wonderfully unique space for your dream chic wedding. 

Let me paint a portrait for you…

We walk down a secluded lane towards the venue entry. The doors open and we enter a gorgeously rustic warehouse that’s been converted into a pristine blank canvas. The polished cement floors pick up every glimmer and gleam of natural light as the sunset casts its final golden beams around the room. 

From there, we exit the gorgeous warehouse and enter an open courtyard full of warm red-brick walls and open skies. The sunset that was bouncing around the warehouse walls has slowly faded to twilight. The stars start to twinkle, mirroring the glow of the outdoor lighting to receive you and your party as you prepare for your reception – held in an area fondly known as the “secret garden” due to its climbing vines and foliage. Tables filled with adored flowers and festooned with accent colours bring the whole space to life – picture-perfect for the celebration of your love. 

Can you picture it? As your Butler Lane wedding photographer, my job is to make sure this vision is captured in all its glory! While you’re enjoying your big day, I’ll be buzzing around making sure that every moment of the Butler Lane wedding photography we capture paints the picture perfectly for you.

There’s even more to Butler Lane weddings than you think…

If all that wasn’t enough, let’s chat about the kind of accommodations and packages a Butler Lane Richmond wedding can offer you.

Unlike a lot of warehouse-style spaces, Butler Lane offers a laundry list of services available to you for your big day. It would double the length of this blog to list them all, but here’s a few…

  • Bridal suite/green room for getting ready 
  • Dedicated event producer to assist with your event 
  • Table linens, napkins, cutlery, etc. all provided on-site
  • On-site caterer and bar services

Considering all this good stuff, the packages are so reasonably priced I did a double-take when I first saw them. For an in-depth look at their pricing and packages, click here and see for yourself!


So, you’re now lost in a daydream about the incredible wedding you could have at Butler Lane, right? If so, I’d love to help with planning your big day – reach out so we can get started!