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Ten customisable email templates that I send to my couples from the moment they book, right through to receiving their images after the wedding.

Having a structured workflow email makes your photography business run like Usain Bolt’s Ferrari. These workflow templates will help you learn how to educate your couples in the ‘post-booking’ or ‘what the hell happens next’ stage of wedding photography, lay out your timeline and set expectations.

With this structure in place, your couples will immediately feel valued and appreciated. When the wedding arrives, you’ll have all the info you need from them without having to spend hours cross-referencing dates and trawling through your inbox.


Workflow Templates

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Yay! You’re nailing the enquiries and emails and have started booking a few couples. Aces. Enjoy a glass of Champagne/celebratory breakdance. It's just...now what?

Your couple has just had the best experience with you and have locked you in for their date. Signed, sealed, delivered, deposit paid. But what happens next? Will you keep in touch? Or is the next time you speak going to be on the wedding day itself?

During my first few years in business, I was doing the latter. I'd get emails of Pinterest mood boards and double digit-length word documents crammed full of 'ideal photos' that needed to be taken on the day. Google 'must-have wedding photos' - you’ll see what I was receiving on a routine basis.

I quickly realised what I was missing. My couples didn’t know what I needed from them. I discovered it was my job to educate couples on what to expect of me from the moment of booking, and to assure them that I cared about their journey and was in it for the long haul. Don’t forget this: each and every couple is investing in YOU, not just your photography for one of the most important days of their lives. If you take the deposit and then up and flake, it’s going to leave a less-than-positive impression, right?

A guide to writing personable emails that connect and convert.

Ideal for photographers who are in struggle-town when constructing email replies, keep booking clients who aren't their vibe, or lack confidence in knowing the best language to use when emailing.

Made with Intention

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How to seamlessly implement questionnaires into your workflow, ‘wow-ing’ your couples post-wedding with exciting sneak peaks, and how to ask for reviews in a tactful and positive tone.


How to manage expectations and educate your couples in your process between now and the wedding day so everything runs as smooth as silk.


How to ask for a booking fee payment / signed contract, and then send a celebratory confirmation emails on contract signing / payment received.

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I’m gonna say this loud for the cheap seats: STUDIO NINJA IS THE BOMB! It has saved me so much time over the years and these email templates that you’re about to invest in (if you’re smart) are integrated automatically into my client management system. Use the code ‘ASHLEIGH50’ for $50% off your first year!

What I love about Studio Ninja (besides its bitchin’ name) is that it automatically enters the couples’ names into the emails, so it is entirely personalised with no whiff of a cut-and-paste job. In these examples, you’ll see me use ‘%’ symbols as codes to import this data from the client files into the emails. A quick and foolproof method of personalising emails without needing to re-edit them!

It also allows you to link questionnaires, invoices and contracts, which is SUPER important to a successful workflow! These are available right now in my shop, so you can start streamlining your emails today!

Now’s the time to get your business’s workflow and back-end running smoothly. 

Such amazing resources for wedding photographers that tackles everything you could possibly want! These read like you are talking to Ash in person, and are full of personality and advice that can be implemented. straight away! You would be crazy not to invest in these!

— Zoe Louise

— Kelly Williams

Whether you are a pro wedding photographer or just starting out, there is something in there for everyone. I know these guides will be a valuable resource that. I'll refer back to often!

— Heidi Odd

Investing in your email templates helped me add value and personalise my communications with inquiries. They are simple and easy to use, yet full of powerful information to streamline and nail my emaills!

— Emma Kendell

I have always felt so lost when booking weddings, what to write, how to write it, what to do next, etc! Investing in your workflow resource bundle has given me a clear vision on how to run my business professionally, whilst continuing to show exactly who I am!

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- Guide to Initial Emails

- Guide to Workflow Emails

- Guide to Questionnaires


The 'Client experience' bundle

If you find yourself struggling with booking your ideals clients, are sick of getting ghosted, overwhelmed with client communications and organisation in your business, these resources are for you!


Client experience


A guide to my Initial Emails Templates Revealed!
Gain access to access three of the my most used templates during the initial emailing stage of a wedding photography inquiry.
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