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Why every photographer should get into using Instagram reels to build their brand

I am pretty sure anyone who owns an Instagram account has heard of and watched a couple of Instagram reels. Instagram reels were launched in August 2020, an imitation of the popular app TikTok. TikTok was and still is all the rave because of how relatable and humorous the content is and the freedom of creativity. From the dark humour to the challenges and how-to videos.

However, Instagram reels are much shorter than TikTok videos, with users creating 15-60 seconds videos. Nevertheless, this should not discourage anyone from considering trying out this feature.


Instagram has tons of features to spruce up your video and make it captivating, creative and enjoyable. For example, you can add music from the Instagram music library and even record your own voice-over audio. Additionally, you can use audios you saved from TikToks by other users. Instagram also gives you the option of adding effects, texts and stickers to make your videos more appealing. 

For a photographer, reels should be very easy to get into because you have tons of experience capturing unique and unforgettable moments and bringing things and places to life with excellent photography and editing skills. 

Photo Credit: @clairedavie

Why should a photographer get into using Instagram reels?

Instagram reels increase brand awareness

Instagram has loads of photographers trying to put themselves out there. Needless to say, one way to get recognised in any profession is by standing out. If you play your cards right, reels can give you a much wider audience than you are accustomed to because reels appear on the explore page, reels section, and by using popular songs and adding hashtags, more people can find your reel. 

In addition, you can get a loyal following by regularly putting out content because people want to see more of your content, so turn on notifications on your content. 

They show clients your vibe 

Your personality does not have to be confined to your personal account. With reels, you have the freedom to show potential clients who you are through funny and relatable content. You can show them the behind-the-scenes of photographing an event, quirky inside jokes that photographers will understand. Consistently posting these videos builds a bond with users because they feel like they know you, your work and your work ethic. 

Reels encourage engagement

Like other posts, users can comment on your reels. This gives you the chance to engage users who might have any questions or just have a friendly exchange. In addition, the comment section is a great place to find possible clients you can encourage to check out your profile and even your website. Also, at the end of your videos, you can put a call to action so users can check out your work in detail.

Photo Credit: @clairedavie

Tips on how you can make the most out of Instagram reels

Post teasers of future projects

One way to keep users guessing and encourage them to follow your business is to post a glimpse of projects you are working on. One thing you can always count on is curiosity. If you schedule short clips of your content until the day of its release, you will get potential clients to follow you or turn on notifications for your posts.

Share educational content

In any field, there will always be beginners, people considering starting a specific profession and those who just like learning. You can take advantage of this by positioning yourself as an authority figure. Post helpful tips for those starting out, tricks to simplify complex tasks, and money-saving sites or tools. People will always look out for your content and consider you for their photography needs if you seem to know what you’re talking about. 

Bloopers content 

You have probably heard several comments about Instagram being the app that makes everyone feel insecure and boring. Everyone there seems to have a perfect picture, taking luxurious vacations and flawless bodies and faces. Oh my, isn’t it exhausting? This is not the case, is it? So, show people that. Show them in a quick video the several takes and edits you had to go through to get the perfect post. It’s endearing and humanises your brand. 

‘A day in the life of’

This kind of content is an opportunity to showcase the creativity and effort you put into your work. You can also show the different gadgets you use and where you got them. This will help you kill two birds with one stone, show potential clients your process, a newer photographer that you are a professional who is not scared of competition because you are generous with information. 

You can also give users a tour of your space. By doing this, you share an intimate part of yourself and create a bond with your followers. In business, humanising your brand is key to building a loyal clientele.

Hop on popular challenges 

Challenges are entertaining and can get you a lot of engagement, as well as followers. TikTok is always coming up with challenges that find their way to Instagram. When you participate in these challenges and add a hashtag or background music for that particular trend, it is much easier for people to discover your video and perhaps check out your other content. 

This is highly likely because, with the several lockdowns and general hermit mode brought on by the pandemic, people can spend hours watching reels and going down rabbit holes just watching videos from one challenge. 

Instagram reels are still trending at the moment, and businesses, brands, and influencers are using them to reach users and clients by creating fun and engaging content. If you are a photographer looking to build your brand and clientele, reels can be an affordable and fun way to start.