I am here to capture the small, fleeting, ordinary, extraordinary moments that make up a life and a love story - not just how they looked, but how they felt.

Hi I Am ASH!

Useful tools every photography business needs

I’ve been photographing weddings for eight years now, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. I shot my first wedding in 2014 without any proper education or mentoring. With my Mum by my side for moral support, I flew autopilot as far as settings were concerned. I handed my first wedding shoot over on ye olde CD-ROM after spending 12 weeks ‘editing’ it, and was so proud of my almost 2000 files!

That was the day I fell in love with photographing weddings. Little did I know back then that photographing people in love and balancing a successful business isn’t as straightforward as it sounds!

It’s not about thousands of Insta followers, it’s about crafting a brand and image that attracts my ideal client. I have tried and tested everything and I know what it takes to make your dreams of turning a hobby into a career!

Although these links all provide a kick back, I am a firm believer in only recommending products and services that I genuinely believe in, and have tried and tested for years.

Narrative Select

Eliminate hours from your editing workflow with a ‘do the hard work for you’ approach!  Select identifies the ‘bad’ eggs by using a smart tech AI system to test images with closed eyes and focus issues!



Narrative Publish

Build beautiful, SEO friendly blogs that load fast, blend seamlessly into your website and look great on every device.

– Build image heavy posts in 5 minutes
– Design beautiful & creative posts
– Fits into to your SEO strategy
– Integrate with your website

Use CODE ashleigh15 for 15% OFF.


Studio Ninja

Increase your bookings with customisable workflows, automated emails and easy payment plans.

I’m sure this won’t be the first time you’ve heard about automating your Customer Relationship Management system. With the added ease of my email and questionnaire templates, mastering your workflow has never been easier.

By investing in a CRM, you are investing in an end-to-end client management. It has a ridiculously easy to use interface and takes less than 30 minutes to set up, and will have you organised from booking all the way through to the finished product.

Use CODE ASHLEIGH50 for 50% off your first year!


Dollar Eighty

An online program that runs parallel with Instagram to fast track interacting with my favourite accounts. It helps build your audience organically and authentically, and you can find you favourite hashtags and accounts with a click of a button! Beats sitting on your phone for hours on end!

I literally use this program for 15 minutes every day from my computer and it saves me hours and hours of time on my phone!




Seriously, this is one of the best and most convenient products I invested in years ago.

When I first started I didn’t understand the value of backing up my photos and ensuring I always had a copy of the final jpeg version I handed over to the client. I used to hand over USBs and delete the images because of ‘space’ issues on my desktop.

I didn’t understand the importance of backing up images, and I lost files and had a few issues with clients who didn’t use their USB or back up their photos.

By having an online gallery that offers unlimited storage options, you will never have an issue of misplaced or deleted files from clients. Resend the gallery link and they have them in their hands immediately.

The gallery also has an automated store option, to sell albums and prints too, doing all the ‘hard work’ for you!

Use CODE ASHLEIGHHAASE for one month free after your 30 day FREE trial!



Later is the all-in-one social marketing platform for the top social networks. Plan, analyze, and publish your content in a few clicks – so you can save time and grow your business.

I use this program once a fortnight to schedule my content on social media. I can now keep my socials up to date whilst being present in my life and not always thinking about my business!



Canva Design

A simple to use program where you can design products with ease from your phone or desktop! With thousands of professional templates, you can bring your ideas to life within minutes!



Rounded – Profit and Loss Tracking

Get out of paper tracking or excel spreadsheets and move in to an online system that connects directly to your bank account and tracks all of your spending. Not only does this program manage profit and loss, it also calculates how much GST your receive and personal tax you are likely to pay. A great way to budget for the year!

Drop my name for 1 month off.

Instagram Carousel and Story Templates

A consistent look throughout your socials is so important and the team at Studio Leelou have the most incredible design templates!

Click here to check them out!


Workflow Templates

If you find yourself struggling with looking your ideals clients, are sick of getting ghosted, overwhelmed with client communications and organisation in your business, these resources are for you!

Nail your package quotes and client-centred emails, your workflow pre/post bookings and overall brand with all three guide bundles delivered straight to your inbox.



Six Fifure Busienss Course

Okay, I think the name speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to grow their business to SIX figures! I was one of the founding members for this course, and boy, it has a bucket load of information and has something relevant to businesses of any level.

This course is perfect for beginners and those who have been in the game for a little while, and ready to take their business to the NEXT level. I’m talking breaking through the roof and reaching the sky. Topics covered include but are not limited to setting realistic goals so you can actually achieve them, workflow management, website and marketing techniques, and my favourite, branding! Nothing like talking about websites and the importance of a strong brand to motivate you to grow your business!

The flagship, 12-month program is open for enrolment only a few times a year! Click over to the page and find out more info. If you like what you see, join the waitlist so you don’t miss out.

Check it out here!


Album Course – Jai Long Co

Once you make your first sale on an album, you will have paid for the course, so it’s a worthy investment in my eyes. I did this course, and it taught me how to sell albums, from start to finish. I’m talking how to price them, how to take photos of them (kind of ironic as most of you reading this are probably photographers, but it really made sense!), and how to offer the best service to your clients and generate extra income for your business.

Check it out HERE.


Posing and Lighting Course – Jai Long Co

Oof, I’m obsessed with this course. Perfect for those that want to elevate their posing skills, and really learn the art of photographing couples in ‘non-ideal’ lighting. With live walk throughs for couple shoots, as well as great suggestions on group and bridal party photos, this course has everything you need to prepare you for your next wedding!

Check it out HERE.