The Wedding Guide

A fully customisable 28 page "how-to" canva template crafted for you to help your clients make the most of their wedding photography. With 'done for you' copy/text, drag and drop your favourite images, update your branding and add some personality and your wedding couples will be smitten!

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*NOTE: DUE TO THE DIGITAL NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Reproduction and/or redistribution of this product in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited. 🌟if you encounter any problems or spot something we may have missed, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback so I can continue to fine-tune the products for you. Thank you!

Created for you

Made with Intention

Ideal for photographers who are in struggle-town when constructing email replies, keep booking clients who aren’t their vibe, or lack confidence in knowing the best language to use when emailing.

The wedding client GUIDE



Bundle &


Are you ready to master

How to feel completely comfortable when writing emails, how to send the ‘hard’ replies and how to ultimately be left with plenty of time in your day to focus on new and exciting projects for your business!

Client Communication

How to seamlessly implement questionnaires into your workflow, ‘wow-ing’ your couples post-wedding with exciting sneak peaks, and how to ask for reviews in a tactful and positive tone.

A Clean Workflow

How to manage expectations and educate couples on your process between now and the wedding day, as well as setting expectations so everything runs as smooth as silk.

Exceed Expectations




If you find yourself struggling with booking your ideals clients, are sick of getting ghosted, overwhelmed with client communications and organisation in your business, these resources are for you!

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