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Helpful tools to grow your photography business


& create work you are proud of.

i can help because i've been there

Four years ago, I was broke and broken, tired and overwhelmed.

I've been photographing weddings for eight years now, but it hasn't been smooth sailing. I shot my first wedding in 2013 without any proper education or mentoring, with my Mum by my side for moral support. I flew autopilot as far as settings were concerned. 

Little did I know that photographing people in love and balancing a successful business isn’t as straightforward as it sounds!

I realised that if I was going to take this seriously, I needed to invest in education and mentorships to grow. I almost went bankrupt because I was spending more than I was making. But as you can see, I survived, just and am now running a business full of automations, structure, and freedom!

Being a wedding photographer is not about thousands of Insta followers, it's about crafting a brand that attracts ideal clients. I have tried and tested everything, and I know what it takes to make your dreams of turning a hobby in to a career!

It's time to stop using generic tag lines and start making your biz uniquely YOU!

Turn your photography passion in to a profitable business.

*Note: Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.

With these one click presets, you'll be able to transform your editing game in to bold and warm textures. Serving as a perfect base for all of those adjustments you love in post production!

Once the pack is purchased I'll send some creamy presets to your inbox so you can get started on making magic happen right away!

What's included?

The Preset Pack (2x colour base, 2x black and white)
Download instructions for Lightroom

*Compatible on the newer Lightroom and Classic, Lightroom CC. Desktop only. Please note, end result will vary depending on settings and camera body and lens combinations. As well as lighting conditions. Let's jump on a zoom call and I can walk you through how to best use the preset on your images :)


"The Base" Presets

Photos by @kittyloveslove @pruepetersphotography

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Questionnaire templates

Email Templates

Workflow Templates

I’ll walk you through the exact templates I use to streamline my inbox and speed up my replies to couples whilst ensuring every message broadcasts my indefatigable personality. I make it my goal to befriend couples from our very first interaction...and you should too!

Your couple has just had the best experience with you and have locked you in for their date. Signed, sealed, delivered, deposit paid. But what happens next? Will you keep in touch? Or is the next time you speak going to be on the wedding day itself?

Effective questionnaires give couples a personalised experiences AND iron out the finer logistical details, as well as other stuff you might not even realise you need - like family members’ names! Because it’s all fun and games until you accidentally call the bride’s mother ‘Alice’, uh, ‘Annie’! Sorry Annie! Oh, it's 'Sarah'? I'll just leave.

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Are you ready to master

client communication

How to feel completely comfortable when writing emails, how to send the 'hard' replies and how to ultimately be left with plenty of time in your day to focus on new and exciting projects for your business!

a clean workflow

How to seamlessly implement questionnaires into your workflow, ‘wow-ing’ your couples post-wedding with exciting sneak peaks, and how to ask for reviews in a tactful and positive tone.

exceed expectations

How to manage expectations and educate couples on your process between now and the wedding day, as well as setting expectations so everything runs as smooth as silk.