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Cool, Quirky, Absolutely Dreamy: Rupert On Rupert Weddings

Rupert on Rupert Wedding

You’re getting married!!! I’m so thrilled for you, and I’m also so thrilled to be here right now, talking to you about one of my absolute top-tier wedding venues: Rupert On Rupert in Melbourne.

Let me begin this blog with a confession. When I say that I’m excited to talk to you about the amazing Rupert on Rupert wedding venue, it isn’t just because I’ve seen it and know how great it is. It’s actually because … I got married here! 

That’s right. Your favourite Melbourne wedding photographer is also a Rupert on Rupert wedding bride. (I’m that chick who got married in pink and went viral on TikTok). So I’ve got inside info on this absolutely dreamy spot. Let’s get into it…

Rupert On Rupert Weddings: What’s Good?!

There’s a lot to love about Rupert on Rupert, but let me start with the kind of atmosphere that it creates. 

Rupert On Rupert used to be an industrial warehouse tucked in the middle of nowhere on the side streets of Melbourne. The owners describe it as an “undiscovered backstreet gem” which is on point.

What it transformed into is a quirky, blank-canvas paradise full of natural light, bare-copper and raw metal accents, polished cement floors, an indoor garden, and tons of open space to create the kind of wedding where your friends and family can dance the night away. 

What truly shines through when you see images from Rupert on Rupert weddings is how much joy seems to shine through. The laughter, the smiles, the candid moments that, as a Rupert on Rupert wedding photographer, I love capturing and which all seems to glow with undefinable happiness. 

That comes in large part because of the space itself, but it also comes from the owners, who had a passion for the space and put just as much love into it as possible. The attention to detail that they put into Rupert on Rupert, while somehow still maintaining that blank canvas quality to do your own styling and make it your own — I can personally attest to how wonderful that is (peep my wedding below).

Rupert On Rupert Wedding Venue: The Amenities

Another thing that makes this venue so great — and why I loved having my wedding there so much — is how easy they make it for you to actually enjoy your big day. 

From on-site catering with renowned chef Darren Daley at the helm, and mixologists ready to craft a cocktail perfectly catered to your personality, it really makes it easy to take moments throughout your day and just take it all in. 

When it comes to the ceremony, that indoor garden I mentioned is nothing short of spectacular! There’s an epic walkway that’s perfect for the aisle, and it feels like you’re in a house of worship — but flora and greenery are the chosen deities. 

It’s luscious. It’s gorgeous. It’s green and bloomy (yes, I said bloomy because real words just can’t capture how fantastic it is). The only thing that truly can capture it are Rupert on Rupert wedding photos. Luckily, I’m all over that! 

When you add the number of options there are for an onsite reception — big or small depending on your preference — you really can’t go wrong. 

Honestly, I could go on and on about how freaking awesome this place is, but I’d rather not force you to scroll through novels worth of me gushing. I’d rather gush with you in real life! Let’s talk about all the reasons why I’m obsessed with Rupert on Rupert weddings and how this venue could be perfect for you. 

And if you’d like to stalk the absolute dream team from our wedding day, here are their deets:

Celebrant @love_leah_celebrant
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Videographer @ellenalouiseweddings
Stylist @clothandconfettievents
Florist @_sassafrasweddings_
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Makeup + Hair @makeupbysophieknox
Cake @missladybirdcakes
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Champagne Tower/Glassware @eventmerchantco
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