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Photo Blogging Made Easy: Why You Should Use Narrative Publish

Every photographer knows that besides good photography, what matters most is to get yourself seen out there. With so many platforms to showcase your skills, there’s one thing that has always stood the test of time. And that is Blogging. 

But even with blogging, you must know how to optimise your blogs for more traffic and engagement. I tried for so long to get the right kind of engagement on my blog. I tried everything from sophisticated SEO techniques, high-end image optimisation and AI tools. Given the fact that it was a photography blog, it heavily compromised engagement because of slower load times. 

But I recently happened to discover a nifty little image blogging service by Narrative called Publish. And since then, maintaining my image blog has been a piece of cake. With the help of Publish, I can create image-heavy blogs with fair ease and with a focus on SEO optimisation. 

This is a win-win because now I don’t have to get different tools to perform different tasks. After all, Publish has it all in one place. 

Keep on reading to know more about this tool that makes a photographer’s life easier. 

Artistic Blogs and Beautiful Designs

Every photographer knows the importance of good aesthetics and functional design. Making an image blog that works is one thing, but one that looks stunning and captivating is another. 

With Narrative Publish, I can easily create a functional image blog, but on top of that, it looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to my readers. This has allowed me to ramp up engagement on my blog more than I thought possible.

Additionally, Publish helps you make your blog appear unique by using handy tools like image crop, resize, text enhancement, gifs, spacers, and videos. This is especially useful if you want to make themed posts in your blog that revolve around a specific subject. 

Create Image-Heavy Blogs in Minutes

Wanna save time? But have an image-heavy post to make? I know, that sounds like a paradox.

I know how time-consuming it can be to manage a photography blog because a lot of time is wasted in structuring and optimizing image-heavy blogs. What else is there going to be in a photography blog apart from images? It is a well-known fact that adding images to a blog is a time-taking process, not to mention a tedious one. 

With Publish, you can create awesome-looking blog posts in just 5 minutes or even less. Yes, you read that right. Its simplistic and minimalistic drag and drop interface and magic wand features help build you great content in a matter of minutes. 

Helps Your SEO Strategy

Even if your content is great, useful, and adds value to your viewers’ lives, it will not be of much use if it is not well optimized. Having a robust SEO strategy behind your blog ensures that your blog ends up on the first page of Google. 

I’m surprised at the diversity of features in Publish, as it also allows you to improve the SEO of your blog. With its sophisticated SEO tools, you can highlight keywords that are relevant to your blog. What’s even greater is that it tells you whether a keyword is great for your blog or not so great in different colours. Green is for great, oranges is for okay, while red means your keyword needs more work. 

Easy to Learn and Simplistic Design

A tool is useless if it’s not easy to learn. Moreover, people end up hating a tool because of its bad and unappealing design, colors, and text selection.

Publish is a minimalistic tool with intuitive controls and a simplistic design, making it quick to learn. It’s also easy on the eye, and I rarely feel like I’m working when I’m on it.

Integration Made Easy

With so many web hosting and service providers, sometimes it gets hard to find a tool that can integrate with such websites.

Publish can easily integrate with WIX, WordPress, and Squarespace to make your photo blogging experience a walk in the park. Guess what? You can also integrate with the tools I just mentioned because Publish can work with any website. 

Fast Loading Times

Another common and relatively serious problem with managing a photoblog is the fact that heavy images slow downloading times. 

With Publish, the images get compressed and resized so that the content loads faster and your blog is responsive for mobile devices. Statistically speaking, people end up leaving a website quickly if it loads slowly and move on to another website. 

Final Word

Photo blogging is highly useful if you know how to properly implement it to increase traffic, engagement, and retention. You can end up multiplying your business by applying the right content strategies and using the right tools.

Narrative Publish is a life-saving tool that has it all. From designing your blog, optimizing it, and improving load times. This, in my opinion, makes it one of the most comprehensive image blogging tools that you should take full advantage of. 

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