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Heritage Meets Contemporary: Mewburn Park Weddings

Mewburn Park Homestead Maffra Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, my career focuses on translating your love into film, and because of that, I try to spend as much of my free time as possible (when I’m not scrolling through Tik Tok) to find the most amazing venues for you to spend your special day. I’m here to talk to you about the Mewburn Park wedding venue and all of the amazingness that it offers – because it is amazing AF! 

(The Mewburn Park Homestead is just too good, and ya girl gets a little bit overwhelmed).  

Alright, let’s get back to it. I love Mewburn Park for you and yours on your special day, and there are about a bajillion reasons. Here’s the short and sweet of it. 

Mewburn Park Homestead: Farm Charm And The Heritage Behind It 

The grounds of Mewburn Park are spectacularly green, spectacularly sprawling, and spectacularly all yours! When it comes to choosing where you want to get married on the grounds of Mewburn, it’s basically up to you. 

The venue allows for your ceremony to be held pretty much anywhere from the gardens, to the lagoons, to the stables or the barn or… well you get the point. The grounds are rife with prime places for Mewburn Park wedding photography to truly shine! I can’t pick a favourite place on the grounds, but I’m certainly partial to the lagoons. It’s such a unique choice of backgrounds and during the golden hour, the scenery literally sparkles. Take a look at their IG page to get an even better idea of what I mean! 

Mewburn Park Wedding Receptions

When it comes to the indoor dinner/reception I undoubtedly have a favourite when it comes to capturing Mewburn Park wedding photos – and that is the space known as The Marquee. The Marquee is a beautiful blank canvas that sits smack in the midst of the gorgeous grounds and is a fully-functional indoor space that gives you a 360 view of the outdoors. It’s a floor-to-ceiling “clear-view” space that can fit 160 people sitting, 190 standing, and comes with all the things you need for a fantastic dinner.

Mewburn Park Accommodations & Wedding Prices

There are on-site Mewburn Park accommodations for the loved up couple (including a renovated bridal suite) and their wedding party. Mewburn Park wedding prices range between two different packages. One allows you full access to Mewburn’s Retreat Suite for you and your wedding party to get ready throughout the day, and one gives you access to your ceremony and reception areas but doesn’t provide suite access (this is a bit more of a budget friendly option). 

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No matter what you choose, this venue is pure, charming elegance wrapped up in a rustic little package that is perfect for your nuptials. As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I can’t sing the space’s praises enough!

Now, the next step will be for you to get started on the planning. Step one? Hiring a stellar Mewburn Park wedding photographer that knows every inch of the grounds and will take you to the most idyllic places. Luckily, that’s me! Reach out and you’ve already got step one marked off your checklist.