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Ready to invest in yourself and your photography?

Look, I know what I’m bringing. I’ve attended a ridonkulous amount of workshops and invested years into face-to-face and online education. I worked my butt off to get here and I continue to grow every day.

But most importantly, I’ve been where you are now, seeking out the best online wedding photography course for your burgeoning business. I’ve purchased e-books and countless courses but never really felt like the educator was speaking to me, or truly cared about my development.

With each course or book, I was usually inspired immediately after I finished but was left with no actual support or guidelines on how to put all that pent-up motivation to work. Just a notebook scrawled with business jargon and no idea how to utilise it. 

Why learn from me

We meet up. We chat. Then we personalise the mentoring to you and your specific needs. Because this is about kickstarting your photography business.

And once the session is over, I don’t go away. Oh no, sir. I'll touch base to answer any questions regarding our session work and continue to offer support all the way along your journey.

I want your business to thrive beyond your expectations; to book the session of your dreams with ideal clients; have a season crammed with exotic, high-profile weddings; blitz through financial goals; live the life you’ve always imagined. 

I’ve got the experience, the know-how, and the tools to make all this happen for you - and (bonus) I’m a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for?!

My educative style is different..

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We are all in this together






Key facts about me.

I've been photographing people for 8 years.

I've been full-time for 3 years.

I consistently have full seasons booked out with ideal couples.

I make an. annual income of 6 figures doing what I love.

Voted best Victorian Wedding Photographer in 2019.


1:1 Mentoring

A 'how to' from start to finish with. your workflow

Administration, accounting and automating your systems

Setting up a CRM

Social media / Marketing for your ideal client

Shooting experience / posing / 'not' posing

Packages and Pricing

Post Processing

SEO Basics

Sabrina and Jake,  turner duo

Ash was completely prepared with answers to all of our questions, to the point that we were super secure in the direction we were heading and the steps to take as soon as we left the session. We received a full walk through of how Ash runs her business, and she helped us understand how to grow our business the way that we want to, right from the beginning.

"Such a great experience and we continue to get support from Ash months later."


She openly shares her personal business and lets you know exactly how you can improve your business and what things to change to refine your brand. She is encouraging and inspiring. A true leader in the industry, thanks Ash!"

"It's like talking to a knowledgeable friend!"


Ash helped me with all topics, and gave me advice and direction I would have never come up with myself! She's so easy to get along with and was extremely approachable before, during and after the session! Not just a mentor, but now a friend! "

"All I can say is wow! You can really tell you have a strong passion for supporting and helping other photographers!

Belle Martin Photography

Ash has such a great passion for what she does and is so amazing to share her experience and pointers. Not only did I get to be able to see her in action at a few weddings now, I got to learn so much from her. In the short time I have known Ash, not only as a mentor, my role model, and my friend, my business and my work has grown and improved and even I have noticed I am more confident in what I do and where I want to be heading.


Morgan Lee Photography

I reached out to Ash when I was studying photography, she was polite and willing to help me along the way. I saw her in action at a wedding and I learnt so much by just watching her shoot. She taught me prompts that were simple but effective with a couple to capture organic emotions and moments. 

She hasn't just helped me with shooting techniques, but she has helped me grow as a photographer and given me so much advice to help my business grow in to what it is today! 


Some nice things 
mentorees have said.

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Ready? Let's grow your business together.

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