Your wedding photos will be one of the only ways to look back on your day and your life together at that very moment, and will live on for generations to enjoy. Something that is irreplaceable. This isn’t an expense. It’s one of the best investments you can make when planning your wedding.



Your wedding day is just that - your wedding day. It’s all about capturing it as honestly and genuinely as possible, allowing your personalities to shine through the shots. Forced or posed photos always look straight-up awkward (and they’re no fun for me to take either!). Robotic, stiff, forced, uncomfortable to look at; you’ve seen hundreds of them, you know the score...

I aim to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere from the first point of contact all the way through to years after your wedding day, when you’re looking back through the photos and reminiscing about the freakin’ amazing time you and your loved ones shared. I don’t worry about making jokes to get a certain look and you’ll never catch me saying ‘cheese!’. You’ve already seen the greatness in each other; that’s what will determine the outcome of your shots. The special connection you have together is the key.






...all the things that helped you decide ‘this person, right here, is my forever’.

My role is to create an atmosphere & space of comfort for those moments to happen, & to capture it creatively. the loud, the quiet, & the unscripted moments. The discrete hidden moments, and the loud present moments.

I want to see the teasing, the laughter, the soft subtle touches, the awkward encounters and the insuppressible smiles. The spontaneous, the quirky, and the intimate moments too. While I favour a documentary-style approach to shoots, I’m also more than happy to offer some guidance on the day so we can find the perfect light or relax those robotic arms. I want you to feel totally at ease, so whatever helps me capture you both as you are, I’m game.

I invest totally in my couples and their love story, in their hopes and desires for a beautiful wedding day. I make a commitment to them and myself, to capture all the amazing moments they’ve planned together as they unfold naturally, without any faking, posing, or worrying about moments that ‘should’ be happening.

Hiring me is more than just receiving pretty photos (though you’ll definitely get those too). My aim is to make it about the entire creative and personal experience we’ll have together.


What can you expect?

Over the last five years I’ve photographed more than 250 couples on their wild journeys of love. I’ve been privy to some pretty special and unique moments, but it always comes back to warm and genuine people surrounded by brilliant friends and family who support them all the way.

I’m all about you. I’m a champion for all the crazy stories, big and small, playing out through the day. I see it all through your eyes; I’ll even be your eyes when you’re not around to see the wonderful madness as it unfolds. So don’t sweat the weather, the last-minute switch-ups, things running late, family meltdowns, stressed out mothers or nervous fathers; it always turns out fine in the end.

I’m going to be right there with you, from the first touches of make-up in the early morning to being by your side as the day blurs by in a whirlwind of joy, before finishing the night leaping around to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ on the dancefloor. Whatever happens, I’ll be right there, because love is too amazing to miss even a moment.


What am i like on the day?

I don’t want to stage what your wedding should look like. I want you to tear the script up and throw it out of the window. My photography is about catching the unscripted, off-the-cuff moments and turning them into lifelong memories through my lens. These are the kind of shots that last a lifetime, because the real personalities behind the suits and dresses shine through.

To facilitate this, I aim to create a totally relaxed and comfortable environment. Granted, this can be a challenge at a wedding, where everyone is traditionally going 90mph, but I make it my job to create little pockets of calm where you and your loved ones can be yourselves. I’ll get to know you and your nearest and dearest as well as I can in the run-up to the big day, making it easier for my camera to capture you as you truly are. Because when you’re looking back at your wedding, you won’t want to remember the scripted moments. Everyone has those. Guaranteed, it’s the unscripted ones that will bring you the most joy. Why? Because they’re unique to you.



and let’s create something timeless together.


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