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Batch content creating: Schedule Now, Post Later

Even when you’re fully charged with energy, there are still days where all your want is to lie on the couch and watch some Netflix. For most content creators this can be a typical ‘day in the life of’ unless you have someone dedicated to running your social media accounts or generating new posts every day–although let’s face it- very rarely is this the case!

What if I told you that you do not need a team or even a personal assistant to help you create batch content and then post it on its scheduled dates?

What if I told you there was a program that provided this for you and more?

Introducing the virtual assistant you didn’t know you needed

The miracle worker is none other than ā€˜Laterā€™: a virtual personal assistant who does more than post your content at scheduled times, such as giving you feedback on your most popular content, creating hashtags and suggesting content that is most relevant at that time. Believe me, this is wish fulfilment, a genie in a bottle type of deal. 

How does Later work?

To begin with, you have to link your social media accounts to the Later platform. With Instagram, automatic scheduling posts will only work if you are running a business account. Tragic! I know. If you choose to stay on a personal or creator account (like me), Later will update you about a scheduled post so you can publish it manually.

I personally choose to do it this way so it prompts me when my post is ready, and I can push my Social Media strategies before posting to optimise reach and engagement. But that’s a secret I’ll never tell, or will I… You’ll have to keep up to date with blogs to find out.

Say goodbye to Spreadsheets and Notes

When it comes to posting, you can pick the image or video you want to use, add a caption to it, location and even links to websites, and then schedule a time it should be published. Later even allows you to add hashtags and suggests the peak times you should post so your post can get the maximum viewership and engagement. And the best part about it? It’s all saved in Later, ready to access when you need it.

Reports and statistics of your account

You might think you know all there is to learn from your insights, but the reports generated by Later give you more insight into the popularity of your content and if it is relevant to your audience. Whew! No maths for you, just the stats.

Let us get into the batch scheduling of posts.

It is a simple drag and drop feature. You can create a time slot of your choosing or use the “best time” slots that are curated specifically to your account! An absolute game-changer!

Carousels and videos

Instagram is the perfect platform for creativity. With a single post, you can upload multiple images or videos that add layers of depth to your content strategy!

Schedule and design, and caption later

Start brainstorming for new content that you will write your captions for later on. There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to be consistent with creating and posting content when you just aren’t in a creative space. By putting yourself under pressure to write captions on the spot only leads to invaluable posts, so you may as well not post at all.

Later does not stop there. I know, right? The gift that just does not stop giving! Later also manages your comments on different posts. With batch content creation and even just regular posts, you might get an overwhelming number of comments. Later ensures that you do not miss a single one, lest you hurt a loyal follower. 

Search & Repost is one of Later’s Instagram-only products. This lets you discover appropriate material for reposting by exploring Instagram posts by #hashtags. So if you discover a post that you like, you may save it to your media library and arrange for it to be reposted at a later date. In addition, the hashtag feature gives you a chance to explore concepts, themes, and content types you had not even considered. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. In this sense, you have thousands of brains to pick at! 

Later also allows you to have an unlimited gallery of your videos, pictures and infographics. Isn’t that great? So, you can essentially know the content you have and have not posted. With this feature, you can divide content into categories by date of publication, type of post, and many other categories. As if that is not generous enough, you can add little notes to your media. 

Looking for ways to make even more money from your content creation? Later also has business plans to integrate Linkin.bio, ideal if you want to do eCommerce right from your Instagram account. It can be used to create a shoppable Instagram feed that links your followers to the relevant content and product pages. You may start linking your Shopify items to your Linkin.bio website by connecting your Shopify storefront Later. Now, you are making money from both your content creation and your eCommerce site simultaneously. 

Needless to say, the features get better with the more expensive subscription, but from the free plan to the premium subscription, there are a lot of benefits.

Are you ready to start your stress-free batch content creation and publication? Sign up using my affiliate link for a big discount!