Image Culling Simplified: The Perks of Using Narrative Select

If you’re a photographer like me, you’d understand how important it is to tell a story.

But you probably also know how boring, tedious, costly, and in some cases, annoying, it is to go through the process of selecting the best photos that stand out and say what you want them to say. 

One such process is culling, and I am not exaggerating, but I absolutely, utterly, hate how time consuming it can get. 

In my opinion, it is probably one of those things that can quickly turn you away from pursuing photography as a career and make you choose something else. It takes time to realize that photography is not all beauty, aesthetics and storytelling. To satisfy your client, you have to do your best edits and culling until the final product is flawless.

That was until I discovered Narrative Select.

I know I know, you might think this is just another promotional blog telling tall stories about a product. But the truth is, I have used it extensively, and I can’t help but tell everyone about it. 

Whenever I find something amazing, I feel like sharing it with the world!

But before I tell you why you should listen to me, let’s just take a look at what makes Narrative Select so great.

Catch Blurs and Blinks in Seconds

Being observant is a great skill in photography but why waste time squinting eyes and overworking yourself when it can be done quickly and easily without all that extra strain. 

Select’s smart software design makes it easy to spot faces that are blurry or blinking. This speeds up the culling process quite a lot as you can remove duds and achieve higher quality photographs in a matter of seconds. 

Group Faces In Close-up

What if you could put all the faces in a photo together, in close up? You can imagine how easy it would be to make comparisons with faces in similar images. 

With the idea of transforming the tedious group culling, Narrative select allows you to compare faces in close up by grouping them. 

When I started using this feature, it made culling group shots a matter of minutes. 

Zoom in Faces Without Wasting Time

I bet you hate dragging, scrolling and lagging until you finally zoom in a face. And with big projects, important clients, and short deadlines, time is always of the essence, but you can’t compromise on the quality either. I know, it’s a conundrum.

Select allows you to instantly zoom in a particular face with the help of quick keys by using sophisticated face detection methods. This allows you to edit and cull with precision and speed. 

Transports Selects to Editing Software

Narrative Select is designed to make the whole process of culling and editing exceedingly user friendly. It fits nicely in your work processes and makes every aspect doubly fast. 

To that end, it also makes it easier for you to link different editing platforms. You can easily transport images from select to lightroom or Capture one and edit them in just a few clicks. 

Pick RAWs in a jiffy

To make things even faster, select enable you to flick between images without even wasting microseconds. There’s no load time as you scroll through the images and it is even faster than the Lightroom. If anything comes close in terms of speed, it is Photo Mechanic. 

Intuitive and Experience Driven Design

Nothing turns off people more than bad design. Even if a product is useful and high tech, you wouldn’t wanna use it if its not well tuned to great user experience.

This is one of the reasons why I think so highly of Select. It is clean, easy, and aesthetic. For a photograph, these are the standards on which they judge pretty much everything in life(well, not everything, but you get the idea).

More importantly, its design makes it highly intuitive and quick to learn. It is highly accessible because of its quick controls and shortcuts.

Now coming back to the question..

What makes me an expert and why should you listen to my recommendations?

Thing is, I have been a photographer with an experience of almost 8 years behind me. And during this time, I have shot more than 400 weddings. 

But in all this time, I haven’t come across a product as comprehensive, intuitive and time-saving as Narrative Select. 

By design and function, it makes things extremely fast. This allows me to save up valuable time that I can use in more important tasks. What’s remarkable is the time I end up saving allows me to save up my creative energies.

This is a great tool for all kinds of photographers who:

  • Want to save time and speed up tedious processes.
  • Grow their business faster by delivering high quality and value driven results.
  • AND, do what they love about photography with the time they save

Chances are you won’t still believe me, therefore I want you to be the judge and try it yourself. You can try out their Pro version on a 30 day trial basis and I can assure you that you’ll end up falling in love with it and buying even before the trial period is over. 


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