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4 Foolproof Tips for Nailing Those Getting Ready Shots

How often do you find yourself wishing to have the perfect getting ready shots with your friends like you see on Instagram or Pinterest?

Well, what if I told you that it is not some distant dream? With the right planning and some tips in mind, you can get those shots too that will capture memories in time for years to come.

Here are four of my greatest tips about how to Nail Those Getting Ready Shots on your wedding!

Natural Light Is Your Friend

To get the getting ready shots right, everything from the colour of the walls, the room’s decor, the carpet and furniture plays in. But nothing is more important than plenty of natural light.

I always prefer shooting in natural light because of how it brings out the natural colour of your skin. You can’t have that kind of authenticity with mixed light.

The best way to ensure that you’re going to have a lot of natural light is to choose rooms with big windows, whether it is a room in your house or a hotel. Drape curtains also come in handy when the light needs to be isolated.

Prep Before The Shoot Day

Nothing can ruin the getting ready shots more than the last-minute rushing. There’s a small window of perfect natural light, which can not be compromised because of poor planning.

Prep your outfits the night before if you want to avoid that fate on the getting ready shoot day. The prepping includes steaming them and hanging them in a place where you can reach them easily.

More importantly, when you wake up in the morning knowing that everything is set and ready to go, you feel a different kind of calm reflected in your vibrant, expressive, and memorable photos.

Clean Up and Declutter!

The best way to turn a seemingly good photo into a bad one is to notice that stray empty bottle lying on the floor you didn’t notice before.

Clean up the room or hire someone to do that for you before the shoot to get rid of all the unnoticed trash, clutter, and every minuscule thing that might negatively impact your photos.

The camera’s eye is very sharp, and it captures everything, but sometimes you don’t see it until years later, and when you do, you start wishing you had a time machine.

Mood Matters

Everything that impacts your mood negatively should be avoided, and everything that impacts your mood positively should be added.

If you feel stressed with a lot of people around you, asking you things or rushing you, then it’s best to make the room less crowded. Because it could put you in a bad mood, and it shows quite clearly in the photos no matter how much you hide it.

Put on your favourite playlist of the most relaxing and happy music you prefer to make you feel calm as I snap away. I am pretty sure that when you listen to that music, later on, you’ll be reminded of this day, so it’s another great way of freezing memories in time, not as great as photography, though.