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Getting Married At Stones Of The Yarra Valley? Here’s The Styling & Photo Inspo You Need

Welcome to the ultimate wedding wonderland! Nestled in the heart of Yarra Valley lies a gem of a venue — Stones of the Yarra Valley. With rolling hills, lush vineyards, and rustic charm seamlessly blending with modern elegance, this venue isn’t just a place to tie the knot; it’s a dreamy canvas just waiting for trend-savvy couples to enjoy. 

So, what trends are poppin’ in 2024 and how can we capitalise on them for your wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley? Take a look!

2024 Wedding Trends 

As we step into 2024, wedding styling has taken a bold leap into the world of modern editorial flair. Think sleek lines, minimalist touches, and a sprinkle of whimsical romance. 

Stones of the Yarra Valley? It’s the quintessential backdrop for this trend to shine. With its timeless charm and versatile spaces, getting married at Stones of the Yarra Valley sets the stage for your wildest styling dreams.

It’s The Floras For Me, Darling

Photography at Stones of the Yarra Valley is a dream, especially when it comes to the florals. I’m obsessed with the ingenious repurposing of these florals from ceremony to reception because it’s all about sustainability and maximising every exquisite detail. 

Picture stunning bouquets adorning the aisle, then seamlessly transitioning to table centrepieces, creating a cohesive and eco-conscious aesthetic. Stones of the Yarra Valley provides the perfect canvas for this floral fantasy to unfold, with its picturesque landscapes enhancing the beauty of every bloom.

Say Goodbye To Staged Portraits 

Want to stay on trend with modern editorial photography? Then get ready to get candid at Stones of the Yarra Valley. 

That’s right, the more documentary-style wedding photos are taking centre stage and kicking those posed wedding photos to the curb. 

It’s all about authenticity and preserving those beautiful candid moments that make up your love story frame by frame. So say goodbye to stiff, posed photos and hello to genuine laughter, happy tears, and stolen glances.

And the hottest candid trend? That first-look moment! Stones of the Yarra Valley offers so many stunning locations to experience this iconic moment, making for absolutely divine photo opportunities that will make you swoon for years to come. 

Going Beyond The Trends

Your love story is going to long outlive the trends of today, which is another reason Stones of the Yarra Valley is such a perfect backdrop for your authentic moments to shine. You can stay on trend while also maintaining a classic, luxurious vibe that will withstand the tests of time. 

Whether it’s stealing a kiss amidst the vineyards or sharing a dance under the twinkling lights, every snapshot tells YOUR story, unfiltered and unforgettable.

So, if you’re considering getting married at Stones of the Yarra Valley, reach out today. I’m here to help capture the magic of your special day and create memories that will last a lifetime.