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Hi I Am ASH!

Five ways to have an epic ceremony

The moment you have been hanging out for the whole time you have been engaged (possibly longer? lol). If it’s not, it should be. This is the moment you get to marry your bestie, which is sooooo exciting in itself! I’ve created some tips from a photography perspective to help you make the most of your ceremony, soak it all in, and so your photos encapsulate all the emotion that was felt during this special moment on your wedding day.

Kiss, kiss again and then some more

Nothing’s worse than trying to capture that millisecond peck, first kiss! Don’t be shy…or even better, do something wild, dip each other and make it momentous!

Lighting and location

Have a think about the time of day and direction of the light for your ceremony. Harsh light directly in your eyes isn’t nice when you are trying to see your partner for the first time, or whilst sharing your personalised vows. Soft natural light is best, I suggest 2 to 3 hours before sunset being ideal, but please reach out specifically for your date and venue choice, and I can make some suggestions.

Unplug those phones

I strongly encourage you to have a no-phones/tech ceremony, this is perfect if you want your guests to be present and immersed in the moment with you. There’s nothing worse than dealing with giant, f**k off iPads in your face and me having to dodge phone-wielding guests to take photos of you!

Eye contact

Look at each and soak it all in. Might sound a little stupid, but so many couples tend to look at their celebrant, rather than each other! Embrace, hold hands and steal kisses if it will calm your nerves. Wave at your guests and take your time with your vows – we’re all here to celebrate you.


Now you’re married it’s time to party down the aisle! Get confetti down your outfits, high five mates, just own it. Enjoy the moment!

Allow time for your guests to congratulate you. This is something you shouldn’t miss out on, so if time allows, give yourself at least 10 minutes here to enjoy your company. This is where we get the best candid photos of you with your family and friends as there is a heap of emotion flying around.