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Five Benefits of the Six-Figure Business Map Wedding Photography Course by Jai Long Co

I first met Jai when I attended one of his workshops back in 2016 and was blown away by the amount that he taught me. I learned a ridiculous amount about running a business, mastering my workflow, and all the important bits about running the back end of my business. Within 6 months of that workshop, I had grown my ‘hobby’ into a successful six-figure business.

After attending countless workshops since 2016, I never learned more at these workshops than I did from Jai. He has been an invaluable mentor to me throughout my career, as well as supporting others in my same profession through countless live events. So when I saw him release tickets to the business map shortly after the pandemic hit Victoria, I knew I needed to support this venture for him.

So in May 2020, I became a founding member of the Six Figure Business Map for photographers!

Having a business that was already set up, I didn’t have many expectations to ‘change’ what I was doing, it was more of a validation that I was definitely doing the right thing, and then adding little bits and pieces to really grow.

Motivation and inspiration are two things that we all need in our lives. We may not always be able to rely on ourselves for these feelings, so it is important to find the right sources outside of ourselves. One thing I can always rely on to improve my mood and work ethic is through the Six Figure Business Map community, and the Make Your Break Podcast, too!

My favourite parts of the course are:

  1. Mindset Training: This section was right at the start of the course, and something that was exactly what I needed to stay motivated to work on my business during the six months of lockdown last year, lol.
  2. Sales Mastery: I have used Pic-Time for my client galleries for years BUT never have I ever set up the automation sales OR shop options! The Sales Mastery was an added bonus in to the course and as soon as I saw it pop up, I followed along and FINALLY set up the sales tools in Pic-Time. I made over $7,000 in one month just from Pic-Time automations!
  3. Outsourcing Tips: As entrepreneurs, we’re often so focused on our own tasks that we miss the opportunity to get everything done. This particular section encourages you to take time for yourself and delegate tasks you don’t NEED to do yourself. I was already outsourcing editing, culling, design work and some branding stuff, but the VA module opened my eyes to so much more freedom, and allowed me to find more success in my business.
  4. Group Calls: Every single month, Jai shows up and runs a live group call. He anwers everyone’s questions and is readily available to help!
  5. The Facebook Group/Community: For years I never felt like I had a safe space to share ideas and lean on other photographers for support. The Business Map is filled with other like minded phtogoraphers, with no preconceived ideas or judgments. The community is always readily available to vet to, and it is an incredible place to meet new friends from all over the world!

The course validated my current structure, provided motivation and moral support whilst trying to navigate running a small business in the wedding industry during a pandemic. It also gave me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and run my first content creation workshop!

Jai is always looking after his people. He creates fresh content regularly and is always growing the course materials to best serve his students. After being in the course for twelve months, it was an absolute no-brainer to sign up again!

So, whether you are new to the wedding photography scene or a full-time veteran, no matter how successful or experienced you may be, having a mentor by your side, every step of the way is the key to continued growth and success. Comfort in business is dangerous, so I always, always aim to learn something new and challenge myself to keep growing.

Is your business struggling to just get by? Don’t you want more from it than that?

Getting overwhelmed by all of your things and having too much on your plate that it causes anxiety.😫

This course will help give you tools so that when these moments come up for you at work or home, you have a plan ready. It’s completely within your power to transform from feeling icky into empowered and excited about life again- with support from me and other members who are also working hard towards their goals!

This course will teach you how, with topics like setting realistic goals so they can actually be achieved. It also includes workflow management techniques as well as website design and marketing tips for photographers of any level.

The course opens up again in November, so mark your calendars to secure your spot before spaces fill up – this is an exclusive 12-month membership for those who are ready to break through ceilings in their lives!

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