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What is a first look and 3 Reasons why you should have one

What is the First look?

Traditionally, couples see each other for the first time at the ceremony.

But traditions are changing, and now couples see, meet, and experience special moments together without guests at the First Look. It is also a great way to capture candid and goofy pictures with your beloved to make great memories!

1. It Helps Calm Your Nerves

I have photographed many couples over the years, and every one of them gets nervous on the big day.

They get anxious or worried on the day of the ceremony, which can impact their wedding day timeline.

Not to mention it is the day when you have to take care of many other things like guests, food, speeches, etc. And your go-to support person is hidden away from you for most of the day for the sake of a tradition.

The first look is a great way to get that first attack of nervousness out of the way before the wedding ceremony, and leads you to the arms of your love!

Given that it is a private affair without anyone there, it is a great way to get comfortable again with your love and capture amazing couple’s pictures without feeling stressed or anxious.

2. The Feelings Stay The Same

You might be thinking that going with the first look might take away the feeling of seeing your beloved for the first time at the ceremony.

You have waited for that moment, and now you are not sure whether the first look is the right way to go or not.

But let me tell you something, the first look doesn’t take away that feeling at all!

I have captured some of the sweetest and most incredible moments and emotions at the ceremony, right after the first look. The truth is, when you’re in love with someone, the feelings are going to come out when you lay eyes on each other regardless of the first look!!

But having the first look helps with a lot of other things. Seeing your special someone before the ceremony is another kind of experience with its own emotions, feelings, and sweet surprises that I have had the pleasure of capturing many times.

3. No Time Like The Present

When you’re anxious about seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony, you miss out on a lot of other great experiences.

Your wedding day will end in a flash, and if you are not mentally and emotionally present, it is going to pass you by even faster. Arranging for a first look lets you see each other, which helps with nervousness and lets you be more present on your wedding day.

Enjoying great food, talking and laughing with guests, hearing some of the great toasts, jokes, and embarrassing stories, and getting pictures with your dressed up fur babies are some of the amazing experiences you might miss out on if you are nervous on the big day.