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First time, huh? Daunting, isn’t it! You should know what you’re getting yourself into. Before diving hand-in-hand into the deep end, let’s make sure we’re good swimming buddies (matching costumes, synchronised flips, etc.). I want your experience with me to line up precisely with your expectations, so let’s get on the same page from the get-go!

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The experience and what to expect

‘She felt more like an old friend than a hired photographer, and it was perfect.’

‘Ash understood our vision and style from the very beginning.’

- Sarah and James

- Ashley and Dani

- Jack and Georgie

‘We actually planned our wedding date around her availability because photos were SO important to me and I wanted the best of the best!

She puts so much into her work, getting to know the couple, their vision for the day AND their doggos, most importantly.’

Past Wedding Experiences

We are all different, with  DIVERGENT stories to tell

I'm super relaxed in all communications and interactions, ensuring my approach and shooting style is a reflection of who you are and how things actually felt in that very moment. It’s not about me, or my photos, or getting Insta-worthy snaps (although trust me, they will be). These are your memories, not mine. Trust me when I say, I care so much about that. My ethos is driven by quality over quantity, so we can focus 100% on creating a beautiful collection of memories that are everlasting in value.

Once I’m in, I’M ALL IN, BABY! I’ve learned that this method is preferable by doing the exact opposite way for the last three years, shooting on average, over 80 weddings per year. It sounds incredible (and it truly was in some ways), but it also had the nasty side-effect of turning me into an unhealthy, obsessive workaholic. 

Overbooking myself isn’t fair to my couples (or my dogs). In the end, I don't want to be physically and creatively exhausted, like a sack of flesh blobbing around, that is mentally non existent. Okay, that was a bit grim, but it's honestly how I can feel when I'm overcommitted. By taking on fewer weddings, I have more time to invest in my education and skills, as well as your relationship. All of this means that when it comes to the big day, I can give you the best of me and my photography.

I have an adaptive style

Speaking of ‘the process’, my role is to create an atmosphere of comfort for these moments to happen and to capture it effortlessly and creatively. The LOUD moments, The quiet moments, The unscripted moments. The discrete, hidden moments and the joyous, ebullient moments.

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Saleste and Matt, Melbourne

'We were very impressed with how she navigated so many humans with her ability to command a space/group with such care and some cheeky comedy.'

Julia And Lauren

"Ash was the ideal mix of relaxed and organised in the lead up to our day, which we really appreciated when we needed a bit of a guide. She managed to perfectly capture each special moment and was a pleasure to share our favourite day. "

Al l and Ryan, Albury NSW

'The easiest and best choice we made for our wedding day was getting Ash to be our photographer. She is genuine, professional, passionate, the hardest worker and obviously and incredible photographer – PLUS SHE LOVES DOGS!'

Angus and Sabrina, Blue Mountains NSW

'This shoot made it easy for us to connect as a couple. It felt so natural and easy, and Ash made us feel so comfortable and we had a blast! It felt like we were hanging out with an old mate!'

Kim and Hayley

'Ash is a MAGICIAN at letting you feel the moment, and capturing it perfectly. She is a genuinely gorgeous human who you can't help but feel comfortable around. She's also insane at photographing dogs.'


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