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Ten customisable email templates to suit your needs and tone of voice to consistently book your ideal client. 

Emails can make or break your business. The way you communicate in your initial interactions with enquiries is CRUCIAL.

One of the best tools you can have in your professional arsenal is a strong set of communication skills that not only represent your brand, but also allow you to increase bookings with your dream clients.


Email Templates

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When I first started out, I had zero experience with admin tasks, communication...or even photography for that matter. Looking at my business now, you probably wouldn’t guess that I had no earthly idea how to run the back-end of my business (or even reply to emails)!

I spent a HEAP of cash on a set of email response templates (not even wedding photography-related!) and short courses on how to run a successful business - which turned out to be awkward, robotic and frustratingly vague. So I threw out the cookie-cutter, android-style templates and created my own, injecting some Ash in there. Eventually, I went from writing impersonal, formal ‘business’ emails to talking like an actual real person across my whole brand. The result? Pretty soon, I was consistently booking ideal clients.

I continued to perfect them to the level they’re at now; crammed full of personality, fun and always personalised. Ain’t nobody got time for copy and paste crap! People can see it a mile off. 

My couples always reply to me feeling heard, valued and appreciated. They never question my packages or fees; instead, they usually want to know more about me there’s usually a catch-up/doggie playdate in the works ahead of any money talk. With my email response guide, you too can enjoy the same kind of glorious, personal interactions with your couples!


When you dreamed of becoming a successful wedding photographer

Did you picture yourself hunched over emails and shackled to social DMs? 

I'm guessing 'no'. But now you find yourself spending hours slaving away on emails that don't convert into clients and navigating your way through awkward convos with couples, agonising over how to not sound too robotic but still come across like a pro.

Well, after eight years in the photography business, shooting close to 300 weddings and dealing with the chaos of over 100 couples who had the misfortune to plan their big day in the midst of a pandemic, I have experienced every type of email or enquiry imaginable. I’ve taken all that knowledge and distilled it into my photography workshop online, creating a Swiss Army Guide to assist you through any and every situation!

I’ll walk you through the exact templates I use to streamline my inbox and speed up my replies to couples whilst ensuring every message broadcasts my indefatigable personality. I make it my goal to befriend couples from our very first interaction...and you should too!

Ideal for photographers who are in struggle-town when constructing email replies, keep booking clients who aren't their vibe, or lack confidence in knowing the best language to use when emailing.

Made with Intention

created for you


How to write an email brimming with personality and authenticity whilst still remaining professional. I’ll walk you through the techniques I used to make my Ash-sized mark on the industry and how to imbue a genuine vibe into the potentially stiff email format.


How to feel completely comfortable when writing emails, how to send the 'hard' replies and how to ultimately be left with plenty of time in your day to focus on new and exciting projects for your business!


How to create strong email responses that stand out from the crowd and result in consistent bookings of ideal clients. Learn how to create templates that you can adjust to suit each individual enquiry (without sounding like a copy-and-paste merchant).

Are you ready to learn

Such amazing resources for wedding photographers that tackles everything you could possibly want! These read like you are talking to Ash in person, and are full of personality and advice that can be implemented. straight away! You would be crazy not to invest in these!

— Zoe Louise

— Kelly Williams

Whether you are a pro wedding photographer or just starting out, there is something in there for everyone. I know these guides will be a valuable resource that. I'll refer back to often!

— Heidi Odd

Investing in your email templates helped me add value and personalise my communications with inquiries. They are simple and easy to use, yet full of powerful information to streamline and nail my emaills!

— Emma Kendell

I have always felt so lost when booking weddings, what to write, how to write it, what to do next, etc! Investing in your workflow resource bundle has given me a clear vision on how to run my business professionally, whilst continuing to show exactly who I am!

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- Guide to Initial Emails

- Guide to Workflow Emails

- Guide to Questionnaires


The 'Client experience' bundle

If you find yourself struggling with booking your ideals clients, are sick of getting ghosted, overwhelmed with client communications and organisation in your business, these resources are for you!


Client experience


A guide to my Initial Emails Templates Revealed!
Gain access to access three of the my most used templates during the initial emailing stage of a wedding photography inquiry.
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