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Coromandel Peak Queenstown New Zealand Elopement

Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Photography

Are you thinking of eloping in Queenstown, New Zealand?

Look no further than Cecil Peak (Twin Peaks) for the ultimate, Insta-worthy, intimate experience.

Imagine exchanging your vows while soaring over stunning alpine lakes and snow-capped mountains in a helicopter to the lookout. This spot is the perfect backdrop for your special day, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As a Wedding and Elopement Photographer, I’ve captured couples all over the world, but my heart lies in Queenstown, New Zealand. This picturesque location is a photographer’s haven, and I just adore highlighting the stunning views and intimate moments in combination. I specialise in capturing the raw emotions and natural beauty of your special day, ensuring that every photo tells your unique story.

Eloping in Queenstown is an unforgettable experience, and choosing the right photographer is key to creating photos that will last a lifetime. With my expertise, I’ll capture every special moment, from the anticipation before the ceremony to the joy of finally becoming one.

At Cecil Peak (Twin Peaks), you can have an intimate elopement experience while experiencing the beauty of this incredible location. With the stunning views and unique experience of a helicopter ride to the lookout, your day will be nothing short of magical.

I would love to be your Wedding and Elopement Photographer and capture the beauty of your marriage at Cecil Peak (Twin Peaks), Queenstown, New Zealand.