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Content Creation Workshop

Boost your wedding photography portfolio and start filling your feed with drool-worthy content

Photos courtesy of @countrymilephotography @ashleighhaasephotography @essieandelsie @laurenjoyphotography @clairedavie @hansenstudiosphotography @zoelouise.photography
- Mood board images sourced from Pinterest for vision only, not final shoot look.

The Content Creation workshop

Is it time To take your photography to the next level?

The best way to attract the content you dream of is to create the content you dream of. Don't wait until you are 'paid' to do it, START DOING IT NOW!

If you are strapped for time, knowledge or resources to plan your own concept branding shoot, this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for.

This one-day intensive workshop includes a hands-on concept shoot, where all the inspo, hard work and networking has already been done for you. All you need to do is rock up, shoot drool-worthy content, make amazing creative connections and dive into game-changing learning experiences. 

You’ll leave with sky-rocketing confidence, ready to supercharge your personal brand and biz. Seriously.

Dreaming of shooting epic weddings but unsure how to attract them?

Ready for your life to change?

Photos courtesy of @countrymilephotography @ashleighhaasephotography @essieandelsie @laurenjoyphotography @clairedavie @hansenstudiosphotography @zoelouise.photography Mood board images sourced from Pinterest for vision only, not final shoot look.

Here's what you missed last time


Where all the hard work & planning is already done

for you.


The Location

- Notel, Melbourne VIC

Yeh, you bet your bottom dollar I'm not pulling your leg. The insanely dreamy location that is Notel Melbourne is the host location for the next workshop!

But it doesn't stop there. I've hired a studio space in the morning to learn all about Reels and how to use Social Media to grow your business. It is the perfect location to run through the days briefing before we start shooting.

We will then head off to an epic rooftop for a new look for a sunset ceremony and portraits!

After a quick meet and greet, I'll talk about all the business-y things that can stem from a concept shoot, and how you can make Social Media your bitch to grow your biz. We will also make a plan  so you can start creating REELS.

Nearby Studio, 8.30am - 10.30am

After something to eat, we will come together and I'll give you a run through of what I look for, the posing prompts I use, and my go to camera settings all whilst coaching and encouraging you whilst you shoot. 

Notel Melbourne, 11am - 3pm

We will then travel to Fitzroy for a second series of shoots, and sunset portraits!!

Rooftop Sunset, 3.30pm - 6.30pm

The outcome

- Your Story Will Be Different

With an intimate group of 8 attendees, you'll walk away with a new support network, great friends, and good times.

You'll learn all there is to know about planning your own content shoots, gain confidence to network with other industry suppliers and the cherry on top? You'll have some absolute babin' content for your portfolio at some of the most sought after locations in Melbourne!

Walk away with a feed full of drool worthy content, and confidence to create your own styled shoots!

We all start our photography businesses with a dream, a camera, and limited knowledge of how to run a business.

We find ourselves comparing our business, our portfolio, and our presence to other photographers. We let comparison get the better of us at times and hold ourselves back from reaching our goals.

It's time to quit dreaming of the day you could shoot amazing weddings, and start LIVING it. 

I've been right where you are now.

Make it your reality – because you KNOW you deserve more.

That's where I can help!

Photo @hansenstudiosphotography

You created something so epic for us all. I am super dooper appreciative of what you gave us all!

“I'll 100% be back! I'll be stalking your Insta for the next ones!”

The day will start with a little meet-and-greet so we can all say our hellos and have a giggle together. We won't be doing any #awksaf ‘pass the baton around the circle’ or ‘share your biggest fear’ type icebreaker things. Just a very casual welcome (phew), haha! 

You can scope out the venue and get acquainted with everyone. I'll run through the days' schedule and answer any starter questions you may have.

Here’s where we’ll get stuck in - we’ll talk about all the business-y things that can stem from a concept shoot (a.k.a. styled shoot). However, you don't want to sit and listen to me blab on for hours, so I will direct, coach, and encourage you throughout the day. There will be A LOT of hands on learning this time round, with plenty of time to pick my brains as we go along too!

Here's What The Day Looks Like

Meet & Greet

The Business-y Stuff

First up, let's

Then, let's chat about

An all-inclusive ticket means food is provided be! Because no one likes being hangry, ammiright?! We’ll have a delicious array of food available for lunch and snacking, but please be sure to let me know in advance if you have any allergies.


Did someone say

I'm going to give you a run down of how I have used social media to successfully book out season after season for the last 8 years. I'll walk you through 'a day in the life of' me planning my content out, give you the steps I take to prepare and create reels, and, set you up for engagement success.

Secret Sauce to Social Media

I'll then give you the


We will then head off to NOTEL MELBOURNE for an epic collaborative concept shoot styled by Kath at Bow Creative (ceremony, reception, and a few other surprises).

There is seriously nothing worse than attending a workshop and having that one annoying photographer who keeps pushing their way to the front to get 'the shot' EVERY DAMN TIME. I'll be there to coach and encourage equality of shooting time. Move over Felicia, I want this to be super inclusive where everyone gets to be front and centre!

In the morning we will create a handful of actionable and immediately achievable REELS that we can create from the content shoot.

I'll help you create some behind the scenes content, shoot specifically for reels, AND create them together!

So, get ready for a ton of Instagrammable content that’s ready to #breaktheinternet. 


Reel-y social

Let's get to the

Let's get

We’ll finish up with a couple’s portrait sesh at SUNSET on top of a city rooftop carpark (dreeeaaamy!!). I’ll show you my go-to prompts to get couples super relaxed in front of the camera. 

Rooftop @ sunset

Finally, let's head to a

Photos @hansenstudiosphotography

Ash is a true mastermind of concept shoots and will guide you throughout the workshop, encouraging you to remember why you picked up a camera in the first place. I left her workshop feeling inspired and can't wait to see what happens next in my journey as a wedding photographer."

“ It is so refreshing to see someone willing to share their story and experience in the industry,

Get the content you need, when you need it, so you can spend more time on other aspects of growing your business.

How does this sound?

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

the results YOU CAN GET post workshop

Learn how to leverage social media for your brand.

Have the skills to plan your own content shoots and have a portfolio of your dreams.

"Ash’s workshops are an absolute game changer. She knows her shit.

— Claire davie

Ash is so willing to share her knowledge of the industry and I’ve walked away from both of her workshops a better photographer than I was before. Not only do I have killer content of industry leading brands and trends, but I have a new network of like-minded, supportive and talented friends."

Photo @clairedavie

the Tl;DR

We will meet at A LOCAL STUDIO SPACE to chat all things social media, reels and make a plan for our businesses from this workshop. Then head off to NOTEL in Melbourne for the hero shots, and finish up at a rooftop in Fitzroy. Eeeep!!

The location

You can expect a chockful day of creating mind-blowing content for your business, a butt load of business knowledge and so much shooting your fingers might fall off.

the content

You'll not only have epic content and reels ready made to share, but you will walk away with new industry friends, so you can create a hype squad/ network of your own!

the take home


— Belle martin photography

“This workshop helped me level-up my business!”

Ash always gives so much value to these days and I am so grateful for all that she offers!"

— Field of Canning photography

“Thanks to the workshop, I am attracting my dream clients.”

Meet your mentor

Hi, I'm Ash — that dog obsessed photographer who likes to create reels in lockdown. 

I'm the gal who, after four years and a hefty HECS bill, left behind a career in Mental Health to be her own boss – yeh, the girl who almost went bankrupt in her first wedding season after committing full time.

With determination and a great mentor, I built a successful photography business and now I'm here to return the favour.

It's wild to think that eight years ago, I was right where you may be now. Heck, not even, more likely only four years ago when I finally went full time.

I am so excited that you are here, reading this and I hope we get to meet. Whether that is just on socials, or in person for mentoring or a workshop, what I do has drawn you in, and I'm so proud to share my knowledge with you!

I am most passionate about helping enthusiastic photographers just like you break free from their ruts, encourage you to create content that inspires, and grow a a business you thought only existed in your dreams.

I'm all about having a community of likeminded photographers supporting each other and I’m forever grateful for the network I have had around me that encouraged me to keep going, resulting in where I am today.

I can’t wait to pay it forward and help you and your business grow!

Kick-start your wedding photography biz with a full-day workshop dedicated to providing you with all the content you’ll need to make your portfolio fire.

AND meet like-minded peeps who are sharing your journey, and form your very own hype squad.


If you are ready to create some kick-arse, killer wedding photography content that shows people how good you really are, but don't know where to start..

You're stronger than you think you are. 

You're in the right place.

But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

Be ready to book your ideal clients and work on projects that bring high reward — both financially and creatively.

Know what to post, when to post, and what to say on Instagram so you can get on with it.

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for on demand confidently.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for increasing your engagement and reach on social media!

By the end of the workshop, you will...

This workshop is the only one of its kind because...

it is designed specifically to help you grow, quickly.

With a styled content shoot focused on styling that is modern with 'up and coming trends' - you will be bursting with content ready to blast socials and grow your business!

The education in the morning is dedicated to teaching you how you can use social media to grow your business. 

Learn the basics of reels, create a content strategy and walk away from the workshop with content ready to go!

This is for you if:

You want to have time for yourself again

You hate the idea of social media

YOu want to grow your wedding portfolio

you don't care about cute content

you're ready to own your socials

It's probably not for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!


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Want to boost your wedding photography portfolio and start filling your feed with drool worthy content?

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What happens if COVID stops this workshop from happening?

Given the current climate, if COVID decides to rear its ugly head and enforce a mandatory lockdown again, you will have the option to transfer your ticket to the proposed new date, receive a credit towards 1:1 mentoring, or a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend?

There will be a cap on how many photographers will be able to attend this workshop so the tickets are non-refundable. However, you are more than welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend if you can't attend for any reason outside of COVID.

Can I book in my ticket now?

After the year we have had, I'm tipping you're on the edge of your seat ready to create some killer content, hey?! Be sure to sign up to the waitlist below to get access to early bird tickets before they are released to everyone (that's if they don't sell out prior).

What are the concepts that we are shooting?

That's some top secret business! I'll be sharing more as we get closer to the date, but this workshop will be different to the last! With concepts designed around what a 'typical' wedding would look like, you'll be equiped with a gallery from a full day of shooting so that you can showcase your skills to your future clients without having ever shot a full wedding before! 

How many photographers will be attending this workshop?

I'm aiming to keep this workshop nice and intimate so you can get the most out of the day. This particular workshop will be capped at EIGHT attendees at this stage!

email me

Need more time to think?

let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Shoot me an email or slide in to my DMs and I'd be more than happy to chat about the workshop and mentoring, and see if I can help you along your journey to being a kick arse photgorapher!