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Camp Sunnystones DIY Tipi Wedding

My Top 9 Tips for an Epic Wedding Day | Ashleigh Haase


This wedding is specifically targeted at all the dog lovers out there.

Georgie and Jack had been together for about 5 years when they decided to go ring shopping together. They picked the ring together but the proposal itself would be a surprise. One night after work, Georgie got home to Jack and their fur baby Willow the Kelpie. Willow had a flower, a ring and a note attached to her collar. It read ‘Will you marry Dad?’. Through all the excitement, Willow ran off with the ring still attached to her collar, so Georgie and Jack had to chase after her to get it back!

Georgie and Jacks vision for the day was a big festival of love! Their relationship grew over many festivals and parties with their friends, and they wanted the day to reflect that part of their lives. Their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. Everything they had envisioned came to life! From the tipis, to the food trucks, and their adorable fur babies; pure magic. The day had the feel of their favourite summer festivals, with the rocking music of Jack and Jordan Music. The dance floor went long into the night, before guests retired to their camp style bunk beds, ready to wake up to a big post-wedding breakfast complete with coffee van!

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